Dog Dandruff: What Causes It and How to Stop It NOW!

dog dandruff

Did your dog get stuck in a blizzard? Or is it just dog dandruff? Jokes aside, this skin condition is a pain for you and your furry friend! The little white flakes dusting your dog’s coat aren’t just gross, they could indicate a serious health issue. You can brush and bathe all you want, but […]

Peterbald Cat: The Bald & Beautiful Breed [Complete Guide]

peterbald cat

When you think hairless cat, you probably think of the Sphynx right away. But the Peterbald is actually nothing like the Sphynx aside form their lack of fur. This is a unique cat breed that has a lot of surprisingly distinct features, including webbed toes and big ears. But what’s making them gain popularity is […]

Tonkinese Cat: The Ultimate Guide for the Most Playful Feline

tonkinese cat

Sometimes people describe cats as aloof. Independent. Or maybe loners. But those people have probably not met a Tonkinese cat! This is a social cat that will jump onto your lap the moment you sit down and follow you from room to room, talking to you along the way. Playful, active, and always curious, the […]