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Cat Dandruff: Identifying The Causes & Best Treatment Solutions

cat dandruff

Itching. Scratching. Biting. Little white flakes. That’s definitely cat dandruff! Just like people, our feline friends can get dry and irritated skin. And just like people, dry conditions can lead to skin coming off. You’ll notice the flakes in their fur, or maybe on their cat bed or tree.   When you notice cat dandruff, […]

Brussels Griffon: #1 Dog Breed Temperament & Personality Guide

brussels griffon

Ever seen a dog with a beard? Allow me to introduce the Brussels Griffon! This adorable toy breed is brimming with personality, and their Wookie charm sweeps people off their feet. Hailing from Belgium, the Brussels Griffon is one of the most intelligent furballs around town.   This dog will keep you on your toes, […]

Japanese Chin: Top Dog Breed Temperament & Personality Guide

japanese chin

The Japanese Chin, also known as the Japanese Spaniel, is a charming toy breed with an aristocratic background. These dogs are perfect indoor companions. They like to explore and climb, but Chins especially love a good lap to lay in. If you live in an apartment or are unable to provide the amount of exercise […]

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