Omega-3 for Cats – 4 Ways To Give Your Feline This Essential Nutrient

omega 3 for cats

We all want what’s best for our cats. That’s why we are always filling our homes with kitty toys, spending hours in the treat aisle finding the perfect flavor, and installing cat trees and shelves around our house. But sometimes we look over something important: essential nutrients and supplements. That’s where omega-3 for cats comes […]

Why Is My Dog Growling? Learning Playful vs Aggressive Behaviors

dog growling

Dog growling is typically seen as a prominent sign of canine aggression. While growling may seem like it means your puppy is ready to pounce, that isn’t always the case! Regardless of your pet’s intention when they growl, those glistening teeth can still cause anyone to ask, “why is my dog growling?”   As a […]

Shire Horse Breed: A Workhorse Favored By Royalty!

shire horse

Shire Horses are a British heavy draft breed capable of pulling immense amounts of weight. They have been used in England for over 300 years as workhorses, and their ancestors have been a royal favorite since the sixteenth century. The Shire Horse breed is regal and versatile, and this guide will teach you everything you […]