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American Bobtail: Breed Profile [Care, Pictures, & More]

american bobtail

The American Bobtail is a relatively new breed that’s already making an impact due to its wild appearance and delightful personality. Renowned for their short tails, their fans quickly realized there’s even more to love about the American Bobtail after spending some time with this intriguing companion. This unique cat breed is loving, smart, and […]

Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers? Theories Explained

why are cats scared of cucumbers

The adorable videos of cats being scared of cucumbers are all over the Internet. In these videos, the cats are scared by a cucumber placed behind them when eating or facing away. Then when they turn around, they get scared by the cucumber and jump back from the cucumber. What could be the real reason […]

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? [And When Is It a Problem?]

why do dogs sleep so much

Have you ever noticed your dog sleeps for most of the day and has no remorse for it? Many dog owners want to know, “Why do dogs sleep so much?” Is your dog just lazy, or are you maybe feeding them too much?    Dogs sleep a lot every day, and it can be stressful […]

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