Grulla Horse [Guide to These Rare Gray Beauties]

grulla horse

The Grulla horse is a rarity and is often sought after by horse enthusiasts because of its uniquely colored coats. Like many horses, these beautiful creatures are a sight to see and can be distinguished fairly easily.   Some can be considered a part of the American Quarter horse family. Depending on the breed, they […]

Joint Care for Dogs [How To Identify Issues & Ways To Help]

joint care for dogs

Dogs have lived with humans for over 30,000 years, so it’s no wonder they’re called man’s best friend. Some of us take care of our dogs better than we do ourselves! From cuddles to baths to whole-food homemade dinner diets, it’s clear that we love our dogs very much. Joint care for dogs is one […]

National Black Cat Day [When It Is & How To Celebrate]

national black cat day

With the intense heat of summer, many people look forward to those coming months of cool, crisp autumn. While vacationing on a beach can be a fun activity, there is only so much sweating a person can take. Some of us even prefer autumn over summer! After all, the fall brings some of the best […]