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Hemp For Cats: Why This Super Plant May Change Your Cat’s Life

hemp for cats

Everyone loves cats for their majestic yet fun-loving personalities. People take pride in being cat parents and providing their feline companions with the best care and affection possible. For this reason, hemp for cats may be beneficial and is recommended by many within the cat community.   Most people have had some experience with hemp […]

National Pit Bull Awareness Month: Coming This October!

national pit bull awareness month

National Pit Bull Awareness Month celebrates and discusses the misconceptions and stereotypes about bully breed dogs. The name “bully” is quite fitting for this breed, but not because these are bad dogs. Throughout the years, these dogs have been the victims of judgement, stereotyping, and, for lack of a better word, bullying for decades. The […]

Abyssinian Cat Breed: The Striking Feline That Loves To Play


Intelligent? Check. Loving? Check. Beautiful? Check. The Abyssinian Cat is the full package. At first glance, this feline might seem quite regal, thanks to their glamourous ticked coats and bright, bold eyes. But you’ll soon discover that the Abyssinian is willing to make a fool of themself if it means getting you to laugh.   […]

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