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Bull Terrier: All About This Unique & Charming Dog

bull terrier

There are few things that Target doesn’t carry, and that includes the Bull Terrier. Although you’ll recognize this breed as the face of Target, we hope that you’re responsible enough to purchase from a reputable breeder and not a retailer! Wait, I’ve been informed that they do sell this dog. Relax, it’s a stuffed animal! […]

Dachshund Breed Guide [All About the Lively Wiener Dog]


The Wiener Dog. The Doxy. The Hot Dog. The Sausage Dog. Yes, we’re talking about the Dachshund! This breed has earned an abundance of nicknames due to its long body and short legs. But the Doxie isn’t one of the most popular dog breeds in the world for its looks alone.   The Dachshund has […]

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