Triaditis In Cats | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

When cats exhibit a condition in which their liver, pancreas, and small intestine all develop inflammation, they are suffering from feline triaditis. As you may imagine, this is a potentially serious illness that may result in substantial discomfort for your cat. Aside from medications, there are several holistic options that may help reduce the inflammation […]

How To Stop Your Cats From Scratching Furniture

Does your cat seem like it wants to scratch every surface of the house? What we deem as destructive behavior is absolutely normal for cats. They love to scratch – it’s just a part of being feline. But, how can we stop cats from scratching the furniture?   Fortunately, we have some simple tips to […]

Home Remedies for Spider Bite on Dogs

Home remedies can be really helpful, but what can remedy a spider bite on your dog? Depending on the species, spider bites can pose a severe threat to your dog. Many times, a dog getting bitten is unavoidable. Being proactive and getting familiar with the different types of poisonous spiders can make all the difference. […]

L-Theanine for Dogs [Supplement Guide 2022]

With busy schedules and so many things on our minds, stress consumes us in our everyday lives. Similarly, dogs can get stressed out too, however, they may stress out for reasons you may not be aware of. No one wants to see their dog unhappy. Therefore, it is important to understand what causes stress in […]

How To Give Your Cat CBD Oil [Tips & Tricks]

If you own a cat I’m sure you’ve experienced the picky side of their appetite. As most people know cats are notorious for being fussy eaters and CBD oil is no exception. Fortunately, by combining our knowledge with our customer feedback, we have compiled a list of all the best tips and tricks addressing how […]

Savannah Cat Breed [The Ultimate Feline Guide]

Ever wanted a mini cheetah in your home? The Savannah cat is the largest domestic cat breed in the world and has many characteristics of wild cats, from its lanky body, spotted and striped face, panting mouth, and even its louder than normal hiss! This is a cat with an abundance of attitude and energy, […]

Bengal Cat Breed : 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bengal Cats

bengal cat

Spots, stripes, and filled with endless energy, the Bengal cat is increasingly popular around the world because of their alluring looks and contagious personality. From going on hikes with a leash to joining you in the bathtub, the Bengal cat is a breed unlike any other. So how exactly did Bengal cats come to be? Are […]

Cat Hairball Home Remedies [Top 12 Tips]

No, your cat is not choking on food, that’s a hairball! Cats love to groom themselves by licking their coats. However, too much grooming can sometimes cause cats to get hairballs. Getting hairballs is normal, but sometimes it can be risky for your cat’s intestinal health. Continue reading to learn about cat hairball symptoms and […]