Cat Exercises Your Pet Will Enjoy | Holistapet

cat exercise

Is your cat getting enough exercise? Indoor cats, who also spend large chunks of time alone, are more likely to need dedicated playtime. Although cats have an incredibly high metabolism, they still need to get moving to ensure good general health. Luckily, there are many cat activities to help motivate a reluctant feline. Whether you’re […]

Why Is My Cat Coughing? [Identifying Causes & When to Be Concerned]

why is my cat coughing

A feline’s wacky behavior often begs explanation. Why is my cat coughing? Why is it sneezing? How come my cat is retching, gagging, hurling up a hairball, and staring at me like it’s plotting something? Cats may have personalities too mysterious for mankind to ever understand, but their biology has long been studied.   Coughing […]

American Akita — Why You Should Adopt! Breed Pics & Characteristics

American Akita

The American Akita is a unique dog breed that resembles a bear. They have an aloof and willful personality that makes for an excellent watchdog and powerful guard dog. Akitas have been guarding since the 1600s, but American Akitas, in particular, have become the largest of these brave spirits. They were originally referred to as […]

Best Home Remedies For Your Cat’s Itchy Skin [Step by Step]

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There are several reasons why your cat can become so itchy, ranging from new habits or underlying skin conditions. Before skipping ahead and searching up home remedies for your itchy cat, it’s essential to understand why it’s happening in the first place. Many times, paying careful attention to your cat’s behavior and noticing any changes, can […]

Dog Bladder Infection Home Remedy List

dog bladder infection home remedy

Talking about bladder infections can be uncomfortable, but there’s no reason they should be a taboo topic. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common in both humans and dogs. Many pet owners have to deal with a dog’s UTI at some point in their lives, so it’s certainly a topic worth discussing. Because bladder infections […]

Natural Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Immune System

dog immune system booster

Few people consider what it means for a dog to have a healthy immune system. After all, we see them eat off the floor and out the trash like they’re invincible. However, dogs are susceptible to infection and disease. For a dog to be healthy, they must have a properly working immune system, just like […]