What is the Best Home Remedy for Bad Breath in Cats?

cat bad breath home remedy

Cat bad breath is a common issue that owners deal with. Mainly because most cat owners hardly brush their cat’s teeth. Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth for months, or years? Many cats develop bad breath, or halitosis, from poor oral health. The good news here is that there are home remedies for bad breath in […]

Dog Ringworm Treatment Home Remedies [Easy Tips Inside!]

dog ringworm home remedies blog featured post

Ringworm can be contracted by any animal, not just dogs. This is a relatively rare condition seen in dogs; however, there are several ringworm treatments and home remedies that help combat the infection. From using apple cider vinegar to coconut oil, we’ve selected a few things you can try at home that are quick and easy. […]

Dog Staph Infection Home Remedies [Actionable Tips]

dog staph infection home remedy featured blog image

We all know dogs like to play, they can get wound up and even become rambunctious. This type of behavior can lead to injuries, like scrapes, cuts, and even lacerations. If a wound festers, it puts the dog at risk of developing a bacterial infection, known as a staph infection. Luckily there are plenty of […]

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? [Top 5 Reasons & Prevention Tips]

why does my cat follow me everywhere

Eating at the table? Your cat’s there. Typing at your desk? Your cat’s there. Doing your business in the bathroom? Your cat’s there. While you love having your buddy around, sometimes you start to wonder, “Why does my cat follow me everywhere” or,  “Why is my cat so clingy? He follows me around constantly!”   […]

Cat Eye Infection Home Remedies [6 Easy & Simple Solutions]

Cat Eye Infection Home Remedies

Has your cat been winking at you excessively? Is your pet stuck in a perpetual blinking motion? Is there discharge and redness coming from your cat’s eye? If so, unfortunately, it sounds like your cat could have an eye infection. An eye issue for cats is much like an eye issue for humans. Not to […]

Turkish Van Cat Breed : The Feisty Feline That Loves To Swim!

turkish van

Can you believe that there’s a cat breed that actually enjoys playing with water? The Turkish Van has water-resistant fur and an obsession with just about any water source in the house. Intelligent, curious, and hyper, the playful Turkish Van will win your heart, even when you find it playing in the toilet water!   […]

How To Calm An Aggressive Cat (8 Easy Tips)

how to calm an aggressive cat

Aggression is incredibly common when it comes to how cats behave. Animal behaviorists too often see overly aggressive cats. Cat aggression is hardly acknowledged as severe as dog aggression. This could be due to the fact that cats are smaller and rarely ever chase people to bite them. Some cats are more prone to aggression […]

Home Remedies for Tooth Decay in Dogs [Actionable Tips]

dog tooth decay home remedy featured blog image

The average human wakes up in the morning and brushes their teeth. The same can be said for bedtime: the average human cleans their teeth before bed. This habit was instilled in us from a young age. Still, with this knowledge of tooth care, many pet owners still neglect to keep up with their dog’s […]