Border Collie Dog Breed | Information & Facts

border collie

What has four paws, a high energy level, and a strong work ethic? You guessed it, the Border Collie! A popular pet nowadays, this beautiful canine was originally bred in Scotland as a working dog. This medium-sized herding canine is one of the smartest dog breeds there is! Those that aren’t pets are often used […]

Why Your Cat Won’t Eat and What to Do – Holistapet

why is my cat not eating

Are you confused about why your cat is not eating? Cats are commonly known for being picky eaters as it is. They will turn their nose up and away from that expensive wet food you bought just for them. They may even suddenly reject that yummy cat treats they were so eager for the day […]

Salmon Oil For Cats: Utilizing The Benefits Of Omega Fatty Acids

salmon oil for cats

Humans have long known about the many benefits of fish oil, making it one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world, but we aren’t the only ones who can gain from it. Salmon oil for cats is a trendy product that promises to boost your pet’s health, but does it live up to […]

Why Do Cats Hiss? Everything You Should Know

why do cats hiss

Wide eyes with giant pupils. Fangs bared. Fur prickling. Claws out. Seeing a cat hiss can be quite alarming. It can often seem aggressive or like your cat doesn’t like you at all — not true at all. So why do cats hiss?   Hissing is often a response to fear or stress. It’s a […]

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

why do dogs eat grass

Have you recently witnessed your pet feasting on your lawn? If so you may find yourself asking, “Why is my dog eating grass?” Rest assured you’re not alone! About 70% of pet owners have found their pets indulging in some vegetation, and most of the time it’s grass. It is a typical behavior amongst dogs, […]

British Shorthair Cat Breed [The Comprehensive Owner’s Guide]

british shorthair

The British Shorthair has been capturing people’s hearts all over the internet thanks to its round body, chubby cheeks, and large smile — as well as its rich and striking blue fur. You’ve seen them all over popular literature as well as YouTube, but have you ever wanted to have your very own British Shorthair […]

Bombay Cat Breed : Personality & Facts

bombay cat

The Bombay cat is often referred to as a mini panther because of its glossy, black fur, intense golden eyes, and muscular frame. But once you get to know the Bombay, you’ll realize that they really only look intimidating — and they are one of the most relaxed and friendly cats you’ll ever meet! If […]

Why Do Cats Purr | Everything You Need To Know

why do cats purr

When you’re cuddling with your kitty you will often hear a soft rumbling sound from their throat. Sometimes you’ll even feel them vibrating. That’s called a purr, a cat’s most common communication tool. But why do cats purr? People often associate purring with happiness — head rubs, treats, cuddles. But there are other reasons your […]

Maltese Dog Breed Information : Facts & Personality

maltese dog breed

If you’re looking for a friendly dog with elegance and charm, look no further than the Maltese! With their silky, pure white coats and warm temperaments, it’s no surprise that they’ve made popular companions for people for centuries. People fall head over heels for this breed because of its adorable look, but their loyal personality makes […]

How To Know If Your Dog Is Depressed

is my dog depressed

Do you ever look at your sad dog and think you need to get the little guy a shrink? Noticing that your dog is depressed is heartbreaking because unless you’re fluent in canine, you can’t talk to them about it. Although there isn’t enough data to prove whether dogs can experience depression, there is anecdotal […]

Appaloosa Horse Breed: The Beautiful, Intelligent & Lovable Equine

appaloosa horse

It’s no doubt horses are thrilling animals to be around, and Appaloosas are no different. The alluring, spotted horse draws eyes no matter where they are. Whether you’re riding or grooming them, you’ll feel an aura of intelligence and character radiating from each one. Owning an Appaloosa is one of the most rewarding experiences a […]

Heat Stroke In Dog | Treatment & Complete Guide

dog heat stroke

A dog is usually unaware of the heat that could cause a stroke if pushed beyond their limits. They’re just happy to be going with you on a walk or Sunday hike in the mountains. It’s up to us to make sure our furry friends don’t remain in the heat for too long or overexert […]

Toyger Cat Breed : Personality & Characteristics


You’ve heard of King of the Jungle. But what about King of the Condo? The Toyger is a chill, loving, and playful domestic cat that looks a bit like a mini tiger. That’s thanks to their one-of-a-kind coat and wildcat-inspired facial features. This breed is relatively new, but they’ve already become highly desirable to cat […]

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds across the nation. These Scottish dogs are loyal, friendly, and eager to please. Their name is a reflection of their coat, which ranges between light golden and dark golden colors. Originally bred to be a gun dog, this dog in particular has grown to be […]

Why Is My Cat Losing Hair? Know The Causes

why is my cat losing hair

Watching your pet experience hair loss can be nerve-racking. Cat balding, or baldness in cats, does occur, but what amount is normal? Witnessing balding in your cat may have you panicked, asking “why is my cat losing hair?” Or, “why is my fluffy feline licking and biting itself?”   Several factors can play into balding […]

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information & Facts

australian shepherd

Developed on American ranches, Australian Shepherds are hardworking and intelligent dogs that are happiest when given tasks and work to accomplish.  Almost everyone has heard of Australian Shepherds — or at least seen one — because of the dog breed’s heavy involvement in rodeos and horse shows after World War II.   When a cowboy […]

National Cat Day : October 29 Celebration

National Cat Day

For cat owners, every day is National Cat Day. Our cats always do what they want, whether it’s exploring the countertop looking for leftovers, scratching the side of the couch when they think nobody is looking, or snuggling with you on the bed.   While cats spend their nine lives doing as they please, we […]

Wet vs Dry Cat Food : Which Is Better?

Wet vs dry cat food

We know it’s tough to decide which type of food makes the most sense for your pet, especially when it comes to comparing wet vs dry cat food. There are a lot of wet and dry brands on pet store shelves, in grocery stores, and online.  You have to take the ingredients and nutrients into […]

Cairn Terrier Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

cairn terrier

If there’s such a thing as a canine celebrity, the Cairn Terrier would be one! When a Cairn landed Toto’s role in Baun’s classic film The Wizard of Oz (1939), the breed became a cultural icon for generations. Although they’re recognized by audiences globally, this little terrier has a history that far predates Toto’s cinematic […]