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Mental Stimulation For Dogs: Why It’s Important & Best Activities Explained

mental stimulation for dogs

Public service announcement: your dog might be very bored right now! Mental stimulation for dogs is often overlooked as we go about our busy lives. Some dog owners aren’t aware that mental activity is just as important as physical exercise for their dog’s wellbeing.   We can’t blame pet parents at all though! Kids can […]

CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs [How To Relax Your Restless Pup]

cbd oil for hyper dogs

There isn’t a dog owner out there who would not readily admit to the high energy found in most dogs. It isn’t uncommon to see even fairly level-headed dogs desperately craving attention, zooming around a house, or just causing general mischief. For most dogs, this is just a part of growing up, but for some […]

Hug Your Cat Day [When Is It and How You Can Celebrate]

hug your cat day

Although it should be Hug Your Cat Day all the time, you can use this memorable holiday as an excuse to show your feline some extra love! After all, we should be taking every opportunity to shower them with love and attention. A big hug is an excellent way to communicate that we appreciate all […]

Best Dog Shampoo For Sensitive Skin: 4 K9-Approved Suds We Love!

best dog shampoo for sensitive skin

Itching. Scratching. Redness. Dandruff. If your dog has sensitive skin, that can lead to serious discomfort and irritation for your precious pup. Luckily, we have the list of best dog shampoo for sensitive skin! These cleansers can give your dog some relief from common and frustrating conditions.   The first thing to do is understand […]

Dog Hot Spot Home Remedy: 9 Easy Remedies & Treatments

dog hot spot remedy

Perhaps you’re familiar with the dog hot spot drama: you come home and call your dog’s name, only to find them digging their teeth into their own skin with frightening force. You try to get them to stop, and maybe they do for a minute, but they’re right back at it as soon as you’re […]

CBD For Dogs With Allergies : Help A Dog With Itchy Skin! [Update]

dog's itchy paws

Your dog’s health is paramount not only for its comfortable living but also for the safety and healthy living of the owner. Your Dog’s Itchy Paws can first look like a simple skin irritation issue but if left untreated may lead to secondary bacterial or yeast infections along with more severe irritation and even bleeding.  […]

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