Turkey Tail Mushrooms for Dogs: An Ancient Herbal Remedy for Your Pup

turkey tail mushrooms for dogs

Are turkey tail mushrooms for dogs? These mushrooms are exposed to the elements and grow on dead trees, decaying stumps, and conifers. Concerned dog owners might think these wild mushrooms are deadly and might immediately exclude them from their dog’s diet. However, turkey tails are beneficial for dogs and are completely safe to eat. Moreover, this […]

Probiotics For Dogs

If you want to take care of your dog’s digestive health, you might consider giving your pet probiotics for dogs. Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria that have numerous digestive and immune health benefits. If human probiotics like yogurt are part of your everyday diet, then you’ve probably heard about probiotics. Dogs and other animals have […]

Nervous Dog ? Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety And How To Treat It

nervous dog

Anxiety is a very common problem in most dogs. Even the calmest dog will experience some nervousness from time to time. A nervous dog will exhibit several symptoms which need to be identified early and treated before the problem develops further.   A fully developed anxiety condition is much more difficult to fix. It is […]

Drug Sniffing Dogs Are Being Trained To Ignore Marijuana

drug sniffing dogs

Drug detection dogs have been controversial since police departments started using them nearly seven centuries ago. To some, these canine cops are heroic figures. Others see them as infringing on their right to privacy or exploiting animal labor. Drug dogs have become a particular annoyance to consumers of hemp-derived CBD products, which are federally legal, […]

How to Break up a Dog Fight [Resolving & Preventing Canine Conflicts]

how to break up a dog fight

Playful fighting between dogs is normal. It’s expected that dogs would bite and scratch one another. However, there may be times when this playful aggression turns into a full-blown doggy brawl. Knowing how to tell if a dog fight is serious and how to break up a dog fight can be immensely helpful to both […]

How Much Catnip To Give a Cat – How Much Is Too Much?

how much catnip to give a cat

Everybody knows that cats love catnip. Even if you haven’t given catnip to your cat, you have probably seen videos on social media showing happy felines playing with catnip toys or rolling around in a pile of the dry herb itself. Catnip is a great treat for your pet, but you’re probably wondering how much […]

CBD Dog Food: Benefits + Recipes for Enticing Everyday Meals

cbd dog food

CBD has taken over the pet care industry. Now, everyone wants to take advantage of the benefits CBD can offer their pets. What could be easier than adding it to their everyday meals? That’s what makes CBD dog food so enticing.   There are very few brands that manufacture commercial dog food pre-made with CBD […]

National Pet Month [What It Is and How To Celebrate]

national pet month

There are numerous holidays dedicated to celebrating our pets. Many of them are very specific, such as National Dog Mom’s Day, National Siamese Cat Day, National Dog Party Day, and even National Raw Feeding Week. Fortunately, there is one holiday that we can all celebrate: National Pet Month!   You do not have to be […]

Low Fat Dog Treats: Flavorful And Natural, As It Should Be

Every dog loves treats, and they can be helpful tools for pet owners. They are useful incentives during training, and giving your pup a treat helps to build the bond between you both. Unfortunately, treats can cause the same problems for dogs that they do for humans, namely weight gain. That’s why low-fat dog treats […]

What To Give Cats for Allergies [Remedies for Common Issues]

what to give cats for allergies

Cats are, without a doubt, among the most popular and adorable pets in the world. Sometimes they can be prone to allergies just like us. If you have a cat at home, you are probably aware of the misery and trouble that the symptoms of allergies can cause them. Fortunately, by knowing exactly what to […]

What To Give Dogs for Allergies [Remedies for Itchy, Sneezy Pups]

what to give dogs for allergies

Dog allergies can manifest in various ways, such as itchy skin, skin infections, ear infections, hair loss, and other symptoms. Food allergies may affect the skin, as well as cause excess gas, stomach upset, and loose stool. A dog’s environment can also play a big part in their development of allergies. It is pretty common […]

Dog Pees When Excited: Tips To Avoid An Accidental Tinkle


Most dogs wear their emotions on their sleeves. You know your dog is excited when you see that wagging tail, those big eyes, and the ears raised and alert. Unfortunately, you might also see a little puddle. It’s no good if your dog pees when excited, so we’ve got some tips for curbing this behavior. […]

How To Stop a Dog From Nipping When Excited [Causes + Solutions]

how to stop a dog from nipping when excited

Nipping is a common behavior for dogs. Play biting might be fun in their eyes, but it can be annoying and even dangerous for those on the receiving end. We know how to stop a dog from nipping when excited, and we’re here to tell you!   There are many reasons why your dog may […]

Do Dogs Have Cannabinoid Receptors? [Yes! They’re Just Like Us!]

do dogs have cannabinoid receptors

As you may already know, the human body possesses unique receptors that interact with cannabinoids. This is why we can gain the beneficial effects of cannabis compounds like CBD. But do dogs have cannabinoid receptors as well, and can they also benefit from taking cannabinoids?   The answer to both of these questions is a […]

Soft Dog Treats for Older Dogs: Give an Old Pup a New Treat!

Soft Dog Treats For Older Dogs

Most dog treats have a characteristic crispy texture. The unmistakable sound of a pup gnashing on a mouthful of crunchy crumbs can penetrate walls. But age-related dental problems can turn these treats into tribulations. Fortunately, there are soft dog treats for older dogs available.   Chewy treats provide a tender alternative to the classic crunchy […]

Is CBD Safe For Dogs? [Comparing The Benefits & Side Effects]

is cbd safe for dogs

In recent years, CBD has taken the pet care world by storm. These days, you can find it in food, treats, toys, shampoos, and even pillows! The appeal is evident, but still, pet owners around the world want to know – is CBD safe for dogs?   Not only can dogs tolerate CBD well, they […]

Dog Can’t Stand Up or Walk [Common Causes & How to Improve Mobility]

dog cant stand up or walk

Being the lively (occasionally mischievous) lovebugs they are, mobility is key to a dog’s wellbeing. Loss of mobility, either partially or entirely, threatens to limit your dog’s daily activities. But it doesn’t need to be so! We’re here to talk about what you can do if your dog can’t stand up or walk.   Your […]

Natural Pain Relief For Dogs: Home Remedies You Need To Try!


Our pets’ emotions are closely tied to ours, and vice-versa. It hurts to see your dog in pain. Of course, you want to do everything you can to help them. One option at your disposal is natural pain relief for dogs, which we’ll focus on today.   We are here to add to your options, […]

Cat Overgrooming [What Causes This Behavior & How You Can Stop It]

cat overgrooming

Cats are well-known for their cleanliness, licking their fur for hours each day. Sometimes though, your feline friend will take things too far and overgroom themself. Cat overgrooming can be a serious problem, leading to permanent skin damage. Excessive grooming has many causes, including allergies, infections, parasites, and mental distress brought on by changes in the […]

Xoloitzcuintli [Full Breed Guide – History, Care, Personality & More!]


Perhaps the biggest challenge in raising a Xoloitzcuintli is learning how to pronounce its name. Just take a deep breath and say, “show-low-eats-QUEENT-lee.” There, you nailed it! Because of their laboriously long breed name, these dogs are commonly known as Xolos or Mexican Hairless Dogs.   The Xolo is an ancient and rare breed domesticated […]