Scared Horse: A Simple Guide to Reduce Equine Fears & Phobias

scared horse

Riders are continuously looking to bond with their majestic horses. One of the main things that can come between a rider and its horse is fear, and unfortunately, many things can trigger anxiety in a horse. A scared horse poses a threat to its rider. Finding the underlying reason for your horse’s stress will take […]

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

why do dogs eat grass

Have you recently witnessed your pet feasting on your lawn? If so you may find yourself asking, “Why is my dog eating grass?” Rest assured you’re not alone! About 70% of pet owners have found their pets indulging in some vegetation, and most of the time it’s grass. It is a typical behavior amongst dogs, […]

How To Know If Your Dog Is Depressed

is my dog depressed

Do you ever look at your sad dog and think you need to get the little guy a shrink? Noticing that your dog is depressed is heartbreaking because unless you’re fluent in canine, you can’t talk to them about it. Although there isn’t enough data to prove whether dogs can experience depression, there is anecdotal […]