CBD For Puppies: How Cannabinoids Help Your Pup Become Their Best


CBD has many great benefits for both humans and animals alike. Since nearly every mammal on Earth has an endocannabinoid system, a network of cell-signaling receptors in the body that regulates mood, memory, appetite, digestion, and immune response. Certain cannabinoids found in hemp plants influence the way a puppy’s body works and can do amazing […]

CBD Benefits for Dogs: Maximizing Your Pup’s Wellness

cbd benefits for dogs

Pet owners who have tried it swear by the all-natural CBD benefits for dogs. These days you may be hearing a lot about holistic health products and how they could be better alternatives to traditional veterinary medicine. When it’s your own body, experimenting with hemp products is one thing, but entrusting those same products to […]

Working Dog Breeds: Canines That Get the Job Done

working dog breeds

Guaranteed to have a stronger work ethic than any of your coworkers, working dog breeds are the most diligent dogs you’ll find! These hefty boys and girls vary in color, personality, and fluffiness, but they all have one thing in common: they get the job done!   If you’ve ever found yourself asking why your […]

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month [When Is It & How Can I Celebrate?]

adopt a shelter dog month

You’ve always heard the phrase “adopt, don’t shop” when it comes to picking out a new four-legged family member. People sometimes look down on dog shelters because they feel the dogs are inferior compared to pedigree dogs you find in pet stores. Those of us that have adopted from shelters know this isn’t true, and […]

Cat Treats: Different Varieties + Benefits and Uses

cat treats

What’s one piece of cake on a Saturday after a long week of clean eating or a spa day on your birthday? Everyone loves to treat themselves now and then. Self-indulgence is a great way to love yourself, and that love can be extended to others as well, even to our pets! The best way […]

Poodle Dog Breed Guide [How to Care For These Smart Pups]


If you think Poodles are only snooty frou-frou balls of cotton, you would be sorely mistaken! Poodles have a proud history that ranges from hunting to circus performing to fashion accessories, making them a complex dog breed. This guide intends to take you on an introspective ride into Poodles and why they’re the perfect dog. […]

Joint Care for Dogs [How To Identify Issues & Ways To Help]

joint care for dogs

Dogs have lived with humans for over 30,000 years, so it’s no wonder they’re called man’s best friend. Some of us take care of our dogs better than we do ourselves! From cuddles to baths to whole-food homemade dinner diets, it’s clear that we love our dogs very much. Joint care for dogs is one […]

National Black Cat Day [When It Is & How To Celebrate]

national black cat day

With the intense heat of summer, many people look forward to those coming months of cool, crisp autumn. While vacationing on a beach can be a fun activity, there is only so much sweating a person can take. Some of us even prefer autumn over summer! After all, the fall brings some of the best […]