Dog Leg Pain Home Remedies – What You Need to Know

dog leg pain home remedies

Your dog may catch and endure all kinds of ailments throughout their lives. A common issue to look out for is chronic pain in your dog’s joints. That’s why most responsible pet owners should know some dog leg pain home remedies and other techniques to soothe their pets’ discomforts when they come.   Sure, with […]

Can You Give a Cat Benadryl? – Exploring the Facts and Alternatives


Most people who suffer from acute allergic reactions from pet or food allergies solve it simply through a liquid Benadryl tablet. When your feline friend suffers similarly, many would think to treat allergies the same with Benadryl for cats. But can you give a cat Benadryl? How much Benadryl is too much? Will it soothe […]

Dog Moaning & Groaning: What Do Your Pet’s Noises Mean?


Is your dog moaning or groaning oddly and frequently? After a day of play, hearing your bunch of puppies moan or dog sounds when they lie down, jump, or move in sporadic motions can be jarring for most owners. Nobody knows your dog as you do. But when your dog barks or begins to howl regularly, […]

Can You Give a Dog Aspirin? Tips on Other Medications To Try!

can you give a dog aspirin

When you’re uncomfortable, it may be customary for you to reach out for aspirin in your medicine cabinet like many people. Is it possible to do the same with your dog when they’re in pain? Can you give a dog aspirin to alleviate pain? Short answer: no.    You cannot give even baby aspirin to […]

Cutest Dog Breeds: A List of Absolutely Adorable Pups

cutest dog breeds

Discovering the cutest dog breeds may be the best part of welcoming a new pup into your home. You get to surf the internet, browsing potential puppies that may become a long-lasting addition to your home, and more importantly, your life.   But deciding on which dog breed is right for you may be a […]