Endocannabinoid System In Dogs & Cats Explained

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) functions the same way in people as it does in dogs, cats, and other animals. In reality, all animals have an ECS. This includes horses, rabbits, monkeys, dolphins, elephants, and even sea urchins, to name a few. A huge amount of research is currently being undertaken around the world to find out how exactly […]

Cat Hairball Home Remedies [Top 12 Tips]

No, your cat is not choking on food, that’s a hairball! Cats love to groom themselves by licking their coats. However, too much grooming can sometimes cause cats to get hairballs. Getting hairballs is normal, but sometimes it can be risky for your cat’s intestinal health. Continue reading to learn about cat hairball symptoms and […]

The Surprising Benefits Of Chamomile For Dogs [Supplement Guide]

Humans have been sharing food and shelter with dogs for over 100,000 years. Today, the bond we share is evident, with nearly 43 million American households owning one or more dogs. We want what’s best for our tail-wagging companions. This includes taking care of their health and well-being throughout their lives. As a result, it’s […]

21 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs [ Updated 2022 ]

best hypoallergenic dogs

Dogs give us laughter, joy, and beautiful memories, but they can also give us allergic diseases like hay fever, dermatitis, or asthma. This leaves many pet owners pondering, what are the best dogs for people with dog allergies? To answer this question, we have compiled a list of dog breeds considered to be “hypoallergenic”. Along […]

12 Healthiest Dog Breed With Least Health Problems [2022]

healthiest dog breed

We all know the saying that “dogs are man’s best friend”. While this is certainly true, it could also be said that they are, “Man’s oldest friend”. All dogs originate from a genetic lineage of Gray Wolves dating back nearly 15,000 years. It is likely that early humans would adopt orphaned wolf pups and then […]

The Best Natural Dog Hives Remedies [Vet Approved Remedy Guide]

dog hives remedies

Your dog is constantly scratching and chewing itself and doesn’t stop. Something is not right. If your dog is displaying these behaviors, take a closer look. You may see redness and irritation of the skin. The first step is to take your dog to a vet to find out what is causing this discomfort. Your […]

How To Treat Dog Dermatitis At Home [2022]

dog dermatitis

If you’re searching up remedies for dog dermatitis, you probably have one uncomfortable pup on your hands! Good thing you’re here, because we have some info that can help you and your pup. Luckily, there are many ways to treat dog dermatitis at home. Dog dermatitis is a condition that refers to any unusual swelling […]