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Best Home Remedies for Dog Mange [Full Treatment Guide]

It’s normal for dogs to shed and scratch themselves from time to time. However, if a dog scratches and its skin turns red or its hair falls out there’s a problem. Mange is a parasitic problem for dogs that can result in hair loss, damage to the skin, and more. Thankfully there are some home remedies for dog […]

CBD For Dogs With Allergies : Help A Dog With Itchy Skin! [Update]

dog's itchy paws

Your dog’s health is paramount not only for its comfortable living but also for the safety and healthy living of the owner. Your Dog’s Itchy Paws can first look like a simple skin irritation issue but if left untreated may lead to secondary bacterial or yeast infections along with more severe irritation and even bleeding.  […]

Dog Ringworm Treatment Home Remedies [Easy Tips Inside!]

Ringworm can be contracted by any animal, not just dogs. This is a relatively rare condition seen in dogs; however, there are several ringworm treatments and home remedies that help combat the infection. From using apple cider vinegar to coconut oil, we’ve selected a few things you can try at home that are quick and easy. […]

Best Home Remedies For Your Cat’s Itchy Skin [Step by Step]

There are several reasons why your cat can become so itchy, ranging from new habits or underlying skin conditions. Before skipping ahead and searching up home remedies for your itchy cat, it’s essential to understand why it’s happening in the first place. Many times, paying careful attention to your cat’s behavior and noticing any changes, can […]

Home Remedies For Fleas On Cats [Helpful Tips Inside!]

Fleas are nasty little critters that cause your pet to suffer. Since parasite infestations have been a plight to pets since the dawn of time, humans have found several effective home remedies for fleas on cats. The most efficient methods involve bathing with dish soap or flea shampoo. However, for those that despise getting wet, […]

The Best Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats [Easy Tips]

Parasites are painfully pesky for cats, leading owners to wonder how to get rid of them. From searching the web for the best home remedies for ear mites to rushing their cats to the vet, it can get confusing how to act accordingly. Parasites can be challenging to diagnose and treat.  Using the knowledge your primary […]

The Best Home Remedy for Your Dog’s Ear Mites [Olive Oil & More!]

If not treated, ear mites can cause your dog to scratch to the point of injury. Luckily, there is more than just one home remedy for dog ear mites, like using olive oil or garlic to soothe the infested area. There are also a few over-the-counter sprays that can help with these pesky bugs. Aside from […]

Home Remedies for Spider Bite on Dogs

Home remedies can be really helpful, but what can remedy a spider bite on your dog? Depending on the species, spider bites can pose a severe threat to your dog. Many times, a dog getting bitten is unavoidable. Being proactive and getting familiar with the different types of poisonous spiders can make all the difference. […]

7 Best Dog Itchy Skin Home Remedies – All You Need To Know!

dog itchy skin home remedy

It can be difficult to watch your dog struggle with excessive chewing, biting, scratching, rubbing, or itching of their skin. Your companion’s suffering is sure to be unpleasant for both of you. You may be left wondering, “What could be causing this? or What can I do to help?” To help answer these questions we […]

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies [The Complete Guide]

dog hair loss home remedies

Is your dog in need of some hair loss home remedies? If you’re a dog owner, you probably know how frustrating dog hair can be. Your dog will literally leave a trail of hair at every corner. No matter how much you vacuum, dust, or sweep, you will always find fresh dog hair left behind. […]

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