Can I Give My Dog Melatonin? [Sleeping Solutions for Restless Canines]

can I give my dog melatonin

If you find Oliver twisting and turning in the middle of the night, you may have groggily pulled out your phone and Googled, “can I give my dog melatonin?” After all, you do have a bottle of melatonin gummies sitting on your bedside table. Your findings will show that melatonin is safe for dogs! It […]

Newfoundland Dog: All About This Giant, Lovable Breed

newfoundland dog

Who remembers the beloved Nana from Peter Pan? Come on, we know you do! She was the dog at the very beginning of the movie that pulled at everyone’s heartstrings when she got chained to her doghouse outside. Ring a bell? Nana was a Newfoundland dog!   This giant dog breed is as lovable as Nana […]

Bull Terrier: All About This Unique & Charming Dog

bull terrier

There are few things that Target doesn’t carry, and that includes the Bull Terrier. Although you’ll recognize this breed as the face of Target, we hope that you’re responsible enough to purchase from a reputable breeder and not a retailer! Wait, I’ve been informed that they do sell this dog. Relax, it’s a stuffed animal! […]

Can Dogs Take Claritin? [Finding Relief for Canine Allergies]

can dogs take claritin

Allergies are one of the most annoying things on the entire planet. Trust me, we speak from personal experience. Luckily for us, we can reach into our medicine cabinet and take some Claritin. But what about dogs? As you make your way around the house, you might notice that Oliver has been scratching a lot. […]

National Pit Bull Awareness Month: Coming This October!

national pit bull awareness month

National Pit Bull Awareness Month celebrates and discusses the misconceptions and stereotypes about bully breed dogs. The name “bully” is quite fitting for this breed, but not because these are bad dogs. Throughout the years, these dogs have been the victims of judgement, stereotyping, and, for lack of a better word, bullying for decades. The […]

Grulla Horse [Guide to These Rare Gray Beauties]

grulla horse

The Grulla horse is a rarity and is often sought after by horse enthusiasts because of its uniquely colored coats. Like many horses, these beautiful creatures are a sight to see and can be distinguished fairly easily.   Some can be considered a part of the American Quarter horse family. Depending on the breed, they […]

Keeshond: Breed Guide to the Delightful Bundle of Energy


The Keeshond (kayz-hawnd, plural: Keeshonden) is highly regarded among dog owners for its friendly, inviting nature. They are a happy, loyal, non-sporting breed. Due to their history as guards and companions on Dutch barges traveling the Netherlands, Keeshonden earned the nickname of Dutch Barge Dogs. Now, they make great additions to families while still retaining […]