CBD For Cat Anxiety | Can It Help

cbd for cat anxiety

Fear and anxiety in cats are quite common problems. A range of factors can contribute, and over time it can develop into a generalized disorder. The root cause of fear and anxiety is often the cat’s past experiences and there are many prescription drugs that aim to treat it. However, many pet owners prefer to […]

How To Calm A Hyper Dog – 5 Tips For Hyperactive Dogs

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Let’s face it, dogs can be a real handful at times. As much as we love them and their boundless energy, it can be tough to rein them in. More likely than not, we’ve all seen a hyper pooch wreck furniture, tear up the garden, and jump all over everyone. There are many ways to […]

Best Service Dog Breeds For Anxiety [2022]

service dog breeds for anxiety

We all crave the love and attention of dogs just like they crave ours. But sometimes it is more than just a craving–sometimes it is a need for therapeutic purposes, such as managing anxiety. Service dogs can provide you with relief from anxiety as well as help you complete daily life tasks you cannot do […]

What Can I Give My Cat For Pain Relief?

what can i give my cat for pain relief

We get so much joy and happiness from our cats that it breaks our hearts to see them in discomfort. As responsible pet owners, we should provide them with proper care. Unfortunately, sometimes they may suffer from a condition that involves pain or irritation. At this point, many owners wonder “What can I give my […]

CBD For Dogs With Aggression : Effects Of CBD On Dogs [2022]

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Is CBD useful for aggressive dogs? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant and continues to grow in popularity amongst pet owners. Many owners find CBD for dog aggression to be an effective tool in helping behavioral issues in canines. And since quality CBD products do not contain THC (the main […]

Why Is My Dog Panting? [Possible Reasons]

why is my dog panting

Dogs pant often, or at least it seems that way. Panting in dogs is generally considered healthy, especially after a long walk, play sessions, or any physical activity. However, excessive panting is different and it causes owners to wonder, why is my dog panting so much? Unfortunately, there are less common cases where underlying issues may […]