Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter? Know Everything About It

can dogs eat peanut butter

For one reason or another, putting peanut butter on a dog’s nose is incredibly popular. Maybe it’s because of how cute a dog looks trying to lick it off, or because you know how much they enjoy it. Most dog owners have given their dog peanut butter at one point. It can be put inside […]

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin | Can It Help In Dog Diarrhea?

can dogs eat pumpkin featured blog image

If you’re here you’re probably wondering, “Can dogs eat pumpkin?” Pumpkin is generally a healthy treat for humans, but is pumpkin safe for dogs? The short answer is yes. You can give your dog a pumpkin without worrying. Although pumpkin is a healthy treat, you should be careful with how much and what type of […]

8 Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

home remedies for fleas on dogs

If you have a dog, the thought of them catching fleas might have crossed your mind. It doesn’t help that a dog can get fleas in a variety of ways. To top it off, you might not notice any signs of fleas until it’s become a total flea infestation. If you’re wondering how to get […]

Dog Bloated Stomach Home Remedies [Tips & Prevention Guide]

dog bloated stomach home remedies

If you own a dog or are around them often you may notice they flatulate just like us. Besides the pungent smell, there is nothing wrong with a little gas. However, gas builds up pressure, and if it can’t release issues may arise. If the gas can’t release it causes bloat. This can be a […]

Natural Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Immune System

dog immune system booster

Few people consider what it means for a dog to have a healthy immune system. After all, we see them eat off the floor and out the trash like they’re invincible. However, dogs are susceptible to infection and disease. For a dog to be healthy, they must have a properly working immune system, just like […]

Home Remedies for Cat Scabs: 7 Easy Methods You Can Do Yourself

home remedies for cat scabs

Have you noticed lesions or crusty blisters on your cat? If you have, chances are your cat has scabs. Cat scabs can range from one to several areas on their body. There are also several types of cat scabs, each with its own cause. Luckily, there are a few home remedies for cat scabs you […]

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato? Yes, But It Can’t Be Raw [Here’s Why]

can dogs eat sweet potatoes

If you’re a sweet potato fan, you might be wondering if your dog can eat it too. Sweet potatoes are nutritious and delicious for both people and dogs! These delicious vegetables are packed with nutritional value, and dogs go absolutely bonkers for the flavor!   Sweet potatoes are an excellent addition to your dog’s diet […]

Boxer Dog Breed Temperament & Personality [Full Guide]

boxer breed

Boxers are impressive dogs with square jaws and naturally lean bodies. They are known to be loving, loyal, energetic, intelligent, and great with children. Their personalities gave way to their rich history as bull baiters, police dogs, and faithful companions. At times, this breed can be headstrong and stubborn, which could pose a real challenge […]

Why Is My Dog Not Eating? [How To Help]

why is my dog not eating

If your dog hasn’t been eating, you are most likely wondering why and what to do. You might be thinking of ways to get your dog to eat, or perhaps questioning if your dog is going through something a bit serious. Dogs stop eating for a variety of reasons, some easier to fix than others. […]