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Pet CBD Near Me – Finding Quality CBD for Dogs, Cats & Horses

pet CBD near me

Whether your dog is experiencing discomfort or your cat is anxious after a move, there are a lot of different reasons to purchase CBD pet products for your furry friend. But you’re probably wondering, “Where can I find pet CBD near me?”   CBD pet products may be found online or at a local retailer […]

Best Dog Shampoo For Sensitive Skin: 4 K9-Approved Suds We Love!

best dog shampoo for sensitive skin

Itching. Scratching. Redness. Dandruff. If your dog has sensitive skin, that can lead to serious discomfort and irritation for your precious pup. Luckily, we have the list of best dog shampoo for sensitive skin! These cleansers can give your dog some relief from common and frustrating conditions.   The first thing to do is understand […]

Aggressive Cat Breeds: 9 Breeds That Can Be Grumpy

aggressive cat breeds

Swatting. Hissing. Scratching. Many people don’t understand cat behavior and therefore are confused as to why their cat becomes angry. Is it something that happened? Is it something I did? Or is it just that my cat is genetically a grump sour-puss? Are there aggressive cat breeds in my cat’s ancestry? So many questions and […]

How to Get a Dog to Take a Pill Without the Hassle

how to get a dog to take a pill

Dogs love food but are often picky when it comes to pills. Many people become frustrated when their precious pup won’t take necessary medication, which is understandable since it can be detrimental to the dog’s health. If your dog keeps eating around the pill, you’re probably wondering how to get a dog to take a […]

Dog Won’t Eat His Food But Will Eat His Treats [Causes & Solutions]

Dog Won't Eat His Food But Will Eat His Treats

There’s no denying that dogs love treats. Our furry friends want a tasty snack every time they sit, go on a walk, or even bark. And why not? Treats are delicious! But sometimes, it can lead your dog to prefer treats over a proper diet. So what can you do if your dog won’t eat […]

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed [Full Guide & Top Care Tips]

selkirk rex

At first glimpse, the Selkirk Rex looks like it just got in a fight with a curling iron and lost. Their messy, fluffy curls are quite a sight! And they’re all-natural! The Selkirk Rex was born to be a soft, curly-coated cat, often compared to a stuffed animal or lamb. But it’s not only their […]

Scared Cat: 4 Simple Ways To Comfort Any Frightened Feline

scared cat

You’ve heard the phrase “scaredy cat” before, but is it true? Are cats usually scared? Is it normal for them to hide all the time? What do you do with a scared cat? Don’t panic! We have all the answers you need right here. There are most likely common reasons that your cat is scared […]

Omega-3 for Cats – 4 Ways To Give Your Feline This Essential Nutrient

omega 3 for cats

We all want what’s best for our cats. That’s why we are always filling our homes with kitty toys, spending hours in the treat aisle finding the perfect flavor, and installing cat trees and shelves around our house. But sometimes we look over something important: essential nutrients and supplements. That’s where omega-3 for cats comes […]

How to Keep Flies Off Dogs [In 6 Quick and Easy Steps]

how to keep flies off dogs

While on a dog walk, it can be frustrating when flies start buzzing around you and your dog, trying to land on your heads. How to keep flies off dogs is a question many owners have and sometimes it can mean something is up with your pup. There are luckily many ways to keep your […]

Snowshoe Cat: 14 Must-Know Facts About This Charming Breed

snowshoe cat

The Snowshoe cat is a unique-looking cat that resembles a Siamese, except with a chunkier body and white paws. Its coat pattern is a captivating swirl of brown, black, and white. Their eyes are a mesmerizing blue. But despite their beautiful appearance, the Snowshoe cat is quite rare.   People who own Snowshoes will tell […]

Long Haired Cat Breeds [All About These Extra Furry Felines]

long haired cat breeds

Cats come with a variety of coats, colors, tails, eyes, and personalities. But one of the most coveted traits in a cat is long fur. There is an abundance of long-haired cat breeds with luxurious coats, unique color patterns, and amazing personalities.   Long-haired cat breeds are not as common as short-haired breeds because it’s […]

Can Cats Drink Milk? No! Try These Feline Friendly Milk Substitutes

can cats drink milk

Almost every cartoon cat has been seen drinking milk — at least a few times! Cats lapping up milk from a dish has been a popular image in our culture for decades. It’s often seen as being okay to give our cats some milk as a treat. But you may want to stop that tradition […]

Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin [When It’s a Problem + the Best Shampoo]

dog shampoo for itchy skin

Fleas, allergies, dry skin — oh my! Unfortunately, itchy, dry skin is common for dogs because there are so many reasons they start to scratch. If you notice your dog itching more than usual, you might want to consider dog shampoo for itchy skin. This will provide some relief and may heal certain skin conditions.  […]

Longest Living Cat Breeds: A Guide to Felines with Nine Lives

longest living cat breeds featured blog image

It’s often fun to compare a cat’s life expectancy to human years and say that a 10-year-old cat is 53 in human years. But is that true? Is that how cat life expectancy works? Not really! The longest-living cat breeds often live around 20 years old, but that can be much longer given the proper […]

Russian Blue Cat Breed [Complete Breed Guide]

russian blue cat

What makes a Russian Blue cat special? You’re probably thinking it’s their unique and spectacular plush, blue coat. But they are special for so much more than that. Surrounded by mystery, the Russian Blue is a shy and reserved cat that comes alive when they have a couch to cuddle on or a toy to […]

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Eating? Feline Feeding Tips [Inside]

how long can a cat go without eating featured blog image

Is your cat’s food bowl not empty at the end of the day? Does it seem like your cat is refusing to touch their food? Cats are known to be very picky about food, but not eating can be a very alarming health concern. So how long can a cat go without eating before you […]

How To Travel With A Cat : 8 Simple Tips

how to travel with a cat

A road trip with your cat is often not the easiest for you or your kitty. Cats don’t really like the change of scenery or the bumpy car ride. Your cat might end up so nervous it barfs or pees! Or they might yowl in fear for hours on end. Luckily we know how to […]

Great Pyrenees: Complete Dog Breed Guide For This Gentle Giant

great pyrenees

When you think of a big dog breed which one comes to mind? If you picture a large, fluffy white dog the size of a bear, that’s the Great Pyrenees! The Great Pyrenees is known for its immense size and imposing presence. But despite its stoic appearance and initial attitude, the Great Pyrenees is known […]

The Havanese Dog Breed: A Small Dog With A Big Personality


Whether this breed is clowning around, cuddling with you on the couch, or racing around the backyard, the Havanese is a loving and social dog that’s the perfect fit for almost every family.   The Havanese might be adorably small with elegant fur, but they love to play, learn agility tricks, and sometimes even swim. […]

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed [Full Breed Guide & History]

oriental shorthair

Loud, intelligent, and mischievous. Thinking Siamese? Close, but not quite. The Oriental Shorthair has become one of the most popular cat breeds throughout the world, thanks to its friendly, affectionate, and energetic personality. Because of the breed’s enormous ears, Oriental Shorthairs are hard to miss!   The Oriental Shorthair is a cat breed that’s most […]

Persian Cat Breed [The Ancient Feline With Plenty of Personality]

persian cat

What’s not to love about the Persian cat? That smooshed face. Those big eyes. That luxuriously long fur. The Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States because of its unique look and calm demeanor. This cat not only needs to be brushed but loves being brushed. You will want […]

LaPerm Cat: Pictures, Temperament, Facts & MORE

laperm cat

The first thing you’ll notice about the LaPerm cat is its soft, wavy fur. But while LaPerm cats have a unique appearance thanks to a genetic mutation, this breed maintained its popularity because of its one-of-a-kind personality. They are known to be quite affectionate, making them loyal companions that enjoy a good cuddle. Paired with […]

Bambino Cat: A Miniature Hairless Breed You Must Meet [FAQ Guide]

bambino cat

Many people will say cats all look pretty similar. Well, they haven’t met the Bambino cat! This is a brand new breed that’s already gaining quite the following thanks to its unique appearance. Short legs and a hairless body make this cat one-of-a-kind.   When you get past the Bambino’s striking looks, you’ll uncover an […]

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