Ocicat Cat Breed Information & Characteristics


Ocicats have a very wild look thanks to their big ears, strong facial features, and spots. This large, athletic breed reminds people of wild felines, but make no mistake — the Ocicat cat is as tame as they come. This is a breed that loves social interaction, activities with their family, and learning new tricks. […]

Social Anxiety In Dogs : Causes & Prevention

Dog Social Anxiety

Dogs are known for their lovable nature and affectionate personality. Not many people are aware that dogs can have social anxiety, which can come out in the form of fear or aggression when they encounter other dogs or humans. This can happen when you go to the dog park, out on a walk in a […]

Sphynx Cat Breed Information & Facts

sphynx cat

The Sphynx is one of the most unique cat breeds out there, known for their velvety hairless body, comical face wrinkles, and larger than life personalities. Their strange appearance and entertaining nature have won them fans all over the world, but this cat’s stunning looks also come with added responsibilities.     Sphynx Cat Breed […]

Cat Yowling : Why Do Cats Yowl

why is my cat yowling

Remember those old cartoons where the cats are lined up on the fence at night, meowing at the moon? If so, you probably recall what happens right after: A man’s voice can be heard telling the cats to shut up, followed by a shoe being thrown at the row of cats. While tossing a shoe […]

Ragdoll Cat Breed | Information & Characteristics

ragdoll cat

With their fluffy white coat and captivating blue eyes, the Ragdoll cat is one of the most strikingly beautiful breeds out there. But it’s their personality that’s made them steadily rise in popularity over the years. They are known for being super floppy, cuddly, affectionate, and loyal, making them perfect for any family looking for […]

Manx Cat : Breed Profile & Characteristics

manx cat breed featured blog image

The first thing you might notice about the Manx cat is that it doesn’t have a tail. While that’s definitely one of the Manx cats’ more noticeable features — setting it apart from other breeds — you’ll soon realize that there are even more unique features to love about this feisty and truly affectionate cat […]

Is My Cat Depressed | Causes & Signs To Look For In Sad Cat

is my cat depressed

You notice your cat no longer greets you at the door when you come home. They’re also sleeping for longer periods of time and don’t even get up to eat. You may be wondering, “Is my cat depressed?” Cats can’t outright tell us how they’re feeling, so sometimes it can be hard to tell if they’re […]

Why Do Cats Like Boxes So Much | Revealed

why do cats like boxes

Cats love boxes. You’ve seen the viral videos of cats hopping in boxes — even ones they can’t exactly fit into properly. Your own cat probably spends a lot of time hanging out inside boxes, too. It’s even been proven that cats are happier when homes have cardboard boxes.   But why do cats like […]

Do Dogs Cry Tears? Everything You Need To Know

why do dogs cry

Dogs are intelligent animals who feel emotions just like us. Dogs can get excited and happy. They can get angry and frustrated. They can even get sad and mopey. So, why do dogs cry? And how can we help them feel better? The first step is identifying what dog crying is and then figuring out […]

Why Do Cats Hiss? Everything You Should Know

why do cats hiss

Wide eyes with giant pupils. Fangs bared. Fur prickling. Claws out. Seeing a cat hiss can be quite alarming. It can often seem aggressive or like your cat doesn’t like you at all — not true at all. So why do cats hiss?   Hissing is often a response to fear or stress. It’s a […]

British Shorthair Cat Breed [The Comprehensive Owner’s Guide]

british shorthair

The British Shorthair has been capturing people’s hearts all over the internet thanks to its round body, chubby cheeks, and large smile — as well as its rich and striking blue fur. You’ve seen them all over popular literature as well as YouTube, but have you ever wanted to have your very own British Shorthair […]

Bombay Cat Breed : Personality & Facts

bombay cat

The Bombay cat is often referred to as a mini panther because of its glossy, black fur, intense golden eyes, and muscular frame. But once you get to know the Bombay, you’ll realize that they really only look intimidating — and they are one of the most relaxed and friendly cats you’ll ever meet! If […]

Why Do Cats Purr | Everything You Need To Know

why do cats purr

When you’re cuddling with your kitty you will often hear a soft rumbling sound from their throat. Sometimes you’ll even feel them vibrating. That’s called a purr, a cat’s most common communication tool. But why do cats purr? People often associate purring with happiness — head rubs, treats, cuddles. But there are other reasons your […]

Toyger Cat Breed : Personality & Characteristics


You’ve heard of King of the Jungle. But what about King of the Condo? The Toyger is a chill, loving, and playful domestic cat that looks a bit like a mini tiger. That’s thanks to their one-of-a-kind coat and wildcat-inspired facial features. This breed is relatively new, but they’ve already become highly desirable to cat […]

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information & Facts

australian shepherd

Developed on American ranches, Australian Shepherds are hardworking and intelligent dogs that are happiest when given tasks and work to accomplish.  Almost everyone has heard of Australian Shepherds — or at least seen one — because of the dog breed’s heavy involvement in rodeos and horse shows after World War II.   When a cowboy […]

National Cat Day : October 29 Celebration

National Cat Day

For cat owners, every day is National Cat Day. Our cats always do what they want, whether it’s exploring the countertop looking for leftovers, scratching the side of the couch when they think nobody is looking, or snuggling with you on the bed.   While cats spend their nine lives doing as they please, we […]

Wet vs Dry Cat Food : Which Is Better?

Wet vs dry cat food

We know it’s tough to decide which type of food makes the most sense for your pet, especially when it comes to comparing wet vs dry cat food. There are a lot of wet and dry brands on pet store shelves, in grocery stores, and online.  You have to take the ingredients and nutrients into […]

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Is your dog always by your side — even if you’re just in the bathroom or trying to get work done? While it may feel like an invasion of privacy, a dog following you from room to room is often harmless. In fact, it can be endearing knowing how much they love being with you. […]

Scottish Fold: The Floppy Eared Feline Fact List

scottish fold

Remember that scene in Shrek where Puss n’ Boots dropped down his ears and made his eyes extra wide? The Scottish Fold is the living embodiment of that expression, with its expressive, big eyes, round face, and folded ears. Once known as the Lop-Eared Cat, this popular feline has a uniquely adorable look and equally […]

Taming an Aggressive Horse [Symptoms & Calming Remedies]

aggressive horse

Kicking, biting, and charging can be normal horse behaviors. Your horse might be competing to mate, showing their domination in the herd, protecting their foals, or defending themselves. But if your aggressive horse is threatening the safety of other horses or humans there may be a problem. We are here to tell you why a […]

Cat Diarrhea: What Causes Cat Diarrhea & How To Treat It

why does my cat have diarrhea

There’s nothing worse than heading over to the litter box and noticing your cat has diarrhea. Well, except noticing they had diarrhea outside of the litter box. And if it keeps happening, you can’t help but worry about your cat’s health and wonder… why does my cat have diarrhea? There are many reasons that may explain […]

Munchkin Cat Breed [Full Guide]

Munchkin cat

If you’re looking for a rambunctious and curious cat with a unique and adorable appearance, the Munchkin cat is the breed for you! Intelligent and playful, this short-legged feline is independent and endlessly entertaining. Cat fans can’t get enough of their bushy tails, big eyes, and stubby legs.   Despite its adorable appearance, the Munchkin […]

Cat Diarrhea Home Remedy: How to Naturally Stop Cat Diarrhea

cat diarrhea home remedy

Cat diarrhea can be an absolute nightmare, especially if it’s chronic or extreme. If you notice diarrhea in your cat’s litter box, you might start to panic. Not only does cat diarrhea smell terrible, but it can also mean something is wrong with your pet! So, what’s the remedy for stopping your cat from having […]

Basset Hound Dog Breed Information & Complete Guide

basset hound

The Basset Hound is one of the most identifiable dog breeds in the world. Those long, droopy ears, sad brown eyes, stubby legs, and loud, low bark make them quite the character! They also have a larger than life personality that backs it all up. Stubborn, determined, social, and sweet, this pup is a one-of-a-kind […]