Can a Dog Overdose on Probiotics?

can a dog overdose on probiotics

Responsible dog owners want nothing but the best for their canine companions, and many ask, “Can a dog overdose on probiotics?” It’s common for pet parents to deal with a mischievous pup who stuck its nose in the pantry and snagged a bag of their favorite treats. Most times, the only result is a guilty, […]

Can Dogs Take Human Probiotics?

can dogs take human probiotics

Every pet parent wants a healthy, happy dog full of tail-wagging swagger. We buy the best dog food possible and shower our pup’s with endless treats and toys. It’s always tempting to give them things we adore for ourselves, and you’ve probably done it more than once. But caution is warranted when discussing digestive issues, […]

Dog Wound Ointment [What It Is & How To Use It]

dog wound care

When your dog is injured, it’s crucial to be a good pet parent and take care of your best friend. First aid classes for canine injuries are practically non-existent, so independent research and personal preparedness can be incredibly valuable. Dog wound ointment is a good example. In the unfortunate event of an injury, would you know how […]

Rescue Adoption Tips: A Helpful Guide for New Pet Parents

rescue adoption tips

It takes special people to bring a new furry friend into their lives, especially one that may have undergone tremendous hardship. You’re embarking on an honorable, joyous journey that will help improve your life and that of your newly adopted pet. But before you rush out to your nearest rescue shelter, there are a few […]

Colostrum For Dogs: Top 5 Reasons Your Dog Needs It

colostrum for dogs

One of the greatest joys in life is watching a litter of newborn puppies wiggling, snuggling, and snoozing in their mama’s bed soon after birth. Like all newborns, their immune system is vulnerable to harmful pathogens. But nature protects them with their very first meal. New moms produce a powerful substance called colostrum during the […]