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Why Does My Dog Lick Everything? [Normal vs. Problematic Behavior]

why does my dog lick everything

Dogs are excellent companions who provide their owners with affection and lasting memories. Every dog has a unique personality that makes it stand out from other pets. One thing many canine owners have thought about is, “why does my dog lick everything?”   Dogs are not capable of human speech, but they still find ways […]

What To Feed an Older Dog That Won’t Eat [Tips for Senior Appetites]

what to feed an older dog that won't eat

People go crazy for puppies because they are so cute, but a senior dog is just as adorable. Caring for senior dogs is a huge but fun responsibility. As dogs get older, their appetite slowly declines, so many dog parents wonder what to feed an older dog that won’t eat.   Aging affects dogs differently, […]

Puppy Growth Chart [Stages of Growth + How To Determine Ideal Size]

puppy growth chart

Everyone loves puppies, and very few things can compare to the excitement of bringing one home! The puppy phase of a dog is one of the most important times in its life. Having a puppy growth chart on hand can be helpful to ensure your puppy transitions into a healthy adult dog.   Understanding each […]

Natural Dog Treats: Delicious, Nutritious and Ready For Your Dog To Enjoy

natural dog treats

It is a rewarding experience seeing your dog get excited when you present it with its favorite treats. Pet store shelves are filled with all kinds of CBD dog treats but do you know which ones benefit your canine companion the most? Natural dog treats are a simple yet effective way of providing your pet […]

Portuguese Water Dog: Energetic, Intelligent, Loyal

Portuguese Water Dog

All dogs can perform amazing tricks, but few do it as naturally as the Portuguese Water Dog. Millions of people enjoy having dogs as pets thanks to their ability to provide companionship and plenty of affection. Portuguese Water Dogs are friendly and energetic canines ready to provide you and your family with plenty of fun […]

National Dog Week: Find Out How to Celebrate Your Furry Friend

national dog week

It seems like every day is dedicated to something new, whether it is National Donut Day or National Cheeseburger Day. Dogs are so special and loved that they do not have one day, but an entire week dedicated to them! National Dog Week is that time of year where dog lovers and owners celebrate everything […]

Hemp For Cats: Why This Super Plant May Change Your Cat’s Life

hemp for cats

Everyone loves cats for their majestic yet fun-loving personalities. People take pride in being cat parents and providing their feline companions with the best care and affection possible. For this reason, hemp for cats may be beneficial and is recommended by many within the cat community.   Most people have had some experience with hemp […]

Irish Wolfhound [Get To Know This Sweet-Tempered Historic Dog Breed]

irish wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest canine and possibly the breed with the biggest heart of all dog breeds. This dog’s size may be imposing, but its giant size is due to how much love and affection this dog breed can provide you and your family!   Irish Wolfhounds are laid-back despite their intimidating name […]

Australian Kelpie: All About This Intelligent & Energetic Dog Breed

australian kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is the definition of a hard-working dog and the perfect companion for a very active person. This dog is independent and capable of completing everyday tasks while also having plenty of energy to exercise and participate in dog sports.   As part of the herding dog group, Australian Kelpies are used professionally […]

Chow Chow: Get To Know the Royal Teddy Bear of Dogs

chow chow

Do you want a companion who is always by your side? Are you looking to include a new member to your family who can keep you and your kids entertained? Well, look no further than the Chow Chow dog breed. Not only is this dog the perfect candidate to be your new best friend, but […]

The American Bully: A Big Dog With A Bigger Heart

American Bully

When it comes to being an outstanding companion, no person or animal can compete with the American Bully. A true companion dog, the American Bully, is everything you would want in a pet.   Are you seeking company on your own or looking to add a loving member to your growing family? The American Bully […]

Black Russian Terrier [A Full Breed Guide – History, Personality, & Care]

black russian terrier

There is no denying how lovable and amazing dogs are. These furry companions can bring us happiness and laughter while also providing protection and loyalty. Any breed is capable of achieving this, but few are as amazing as the Black Russian Terrier.   The Black Russian Terrier, or BRT for short, is a majestic dog […]

Can Dogs Be Vegan? Reasons To Make The Switch!

can dogs be vegan

Nothing brings more excitement than mealtime. Whether it is trying a new dog food or a yummy treat, dogs love being fed just as much as their owners enjoy eating delicious food. With many people striving to develop healthier eating habits, you might have pondered, “can dogs be vegan?”   It depends. There is no […]

Whippet Dog: Complete Breed Guide (History, Personality, Care, & Health)

whippet dog

They say there is a dog out there for everyone. If you’re someone who wants an affectionate furry friend that enjoys walks and doesn’t bark up a storm, then the Whippet dog may be the perfect companion for you.   There are numerous dog breeds and groups to choose from. All dogs are loyal and […]

Are Dogs Color Blind? [Sort of, Find Out the Truth Here!]

are dogs color blind

There’s nothing quite like walking with your dog around the block or going on a hike and taking a moment to marvel at nature’s colors. These are amazing moments between you and your dog, but have you ever wondered what it looks like through your pet’s eyes? Many people have wondered, “Are dogs color blind?” […]

American Foxhound: Complete Breed Information

american foxhound

Are you always on the go? Do you have children who like to run around all day? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a companion to join you on your walks or keep up with your kids? There is not any greater friend than to have than the American Foxhound.   Loyal, kind, and […]

Boston Terrier: Complete Breed Guide & Everything You Need To Know!

boston terrier

Are you in need of a companion or want to make a great addition to your family? The Boston Terrier is the perfect dog for you. No other dog exemplifies “man’s best friend” better than the Boston Terrier!   This lovable, easy-going dog is highly intelligent and perfect for families with small children and households […]

Dog Scared of Thunder? Here’s What You Need To Know

dog scared of thunder

Is your dog scared of thunder? Dogs are excellent pets because they provide companionship and keep us happy. As uplifting as they are, our dogs can go through moments of stress, especially during a storm.    Although it can be challenging, it is common for dogs to feel fear and anxiety during storms. Once you […]

How To Trim Dog Nails That Are Overgrown the Right Way!

how to trim dog nails that are overgrown

Dogs’ paws are almost like a logo for dogs. Those five pads are synonymous with all the loyalty and joy that dogs are known for. Though, at some point, you’ve probably wondered how to trim dog nails that are overgrown.   Dogs aren’t just four-legged animals chasing their tails. They are living creatures that need […]

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