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National Dog Day On August 26 – Celebrating Dogs

National Dog Day is just around the corner. We know any reason to dedicate an entire day to man’s best friend is more than welcome in the dog lover’s community. In fact, there are dozens of dog holidays. National Dog Day serves as a national opportunity to celebrate dogs in need of rescue, service dogs, […]

Catnip Spray : Uses And Benefits For Your Furry Friend

Ever seen a cat on cloud nine? If you want to know what a happy cat looks like, all you need to do is use some catnip! The benefits of catnip have been observed by owners and researchers alike, and the plant’s effects are undeniable. Better mood, more energy, reduced nervousness, and mental stimulation are […]

Heat Stroke In Dog | Treatment & Complete Guide

A dog is usually unaware of the heat that could cause a stroke if pushed beyond their limits. They’re just happy to be going with you on a walk or Sunday hike in the mountains. It’s up to us to make sure our furry friends don’t remain in the heat for too long or overexert […]

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