Can Dogs Have Mushrooms? [Yes! Find Out Which Ones Are Safe]

can dogs have mushrooms

Can dogs have mushrooms? You might have asked yourself this exact question and wondered if they could. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that dogs can eat either cooked or raw mushrooms! However, there are specific types of mushrooms they can eat and others they cannot.   If you give your precious pup […]

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs [Managing Your Dog’s Urinary Issues]

urinary incontinence in dogs

If you notice your dog urinating inside when they are already potty-trained, they may be experiencing dog incontinence. There are many reasons for urinary incontinence in dogs. As pet parents, we must figure out if our furry friends are suffering from urinary incontinence in the first place.   To better understand dog incontinence, we need […]

Glucosamine For Dogs: Benefits & Side Effects in Aging Dogs

glucosamine for dogs

As bodies age, they begin to deteriorate. They become stiffer and less resistant to the physical strains of everyday life. This can lead to agonizing conditions that prevent us from moving freely and comfortably. The same is true for our beloved dogs, who lose agility and mobility as they age. Thankfully, glucosamine for dogs is […]