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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs | Know The Differences

Cannabidiol (CBD) pet products have been widely recognized for their potential health benefits. Today, pet owners have many options when it comes to the world of hemp. But, what’s the difference between hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs? The main difference is that hemp oil doesn’t contain any cannabinoids and CBD oil does. There […]

How to Socialize a Nervous Dog: 10 Easy Tips to Train a Confident Canine

how to socialize a nervous dog

Dogs can experience anxiety, just like people. And just like us, fearful emotions can affect their confidence, stoke aggressive behavior, and possibly lead to depression. However, when we learn how to socialize a nervous dog in positive new situations with special techniques, everyone benefits!   Let this article be your guide to dog socialization—one designed […]

How to Calm an Over Excited Dog NOW Using These 7 Simple Techniques

how to calm an over excited dog

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word zoomies as “A sudden burst of frenetic energy in which an animal runs to and from.” That’s right, over-excited dogs are so common that the Oxford Dictionary needed a word for it. If your pet has the zoomies, you may be wondering how to calm an over-excited dog for […]

Dog Won’t Sleep at Night? Here’s What You Need to Do NOW

dog won't sleep at night

If your dog won’t sleep at night, odds are you aren’t getting much shut-eye, either. When those paws come scratching at your door, or that cold nose nudges your toes in the early hours of the morning, you may wonder if there’s a solution. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to get your pooch back […]

German Spitz Dog Breed Temperament, Personality, & FAQ Guide

german spitz

If you’ve ever spotted a canine at the dog park that doesn’t quite look like a Pomeranian but also doesn’t really resemble a Keeshond, it’s probably a German Spitz! This rare breed is also known as the Deutscher Spitz, Klein Spitz, Mittel Spitz, or Gross Spitz. Their thick coat, charming faces, and high level of […]

Lhasa Apso: Dog Breed Temperament, Personality, & FAQ Guide

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a charming small dog hailing from Tibetan monasteries. This ancient breed is a wonderful pet that fits into nearly every lifestyle. Whether lounging around as a comforting lapdog or showing off its impressive coat at the show ring, Lhasa Apsos are ideal companions.   This dog guide has all of the […]

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet: 5 Life Changing Hacks

a golden retriever laying on a carpet with text "get dog hair out of your carpet once and for all"

Buying a carpet is one of those purchases we hope we only have to make once or twice. A nice carpet or rug can tie the room together, but it can also cost a pretty penny. So when our furry friends shed all over the rug, you can imagine the frustration we feel. Fret no […]

Mustang Horse: Icon of the American Wild West [Ultimate Breed Guide]

mustang horse

The Mustang is an iconic American horse breed that is synonymous with one word: freedom. These powerful horses have had a rich history, with multiple breeds contributing to their heritage. Riding the Mustang horse makes you feel like you’re a cowpoke exploring the new frontier.   This breed’s name went to a muscle car that’s […]

Best Dog Shampoo : Reduce Heavy Shedding FAST

best dog shampoo for shedding

Are you finding fur all over your house? Are your clothes always covered in dog hair? That must mean it’s shedding season, and you might be asking yourself what the best dog shampoo for shedding is.   The right natural dog shampoo can help manage all that fur around the house while also promoting healthy […]

Toy Fox Terrier: An All American Dog Breed With Universal Appeal

Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is a true all-American breed that will make you laugh with their rambunctious and bubbly personalities. Most Terriers are known for their ability to hunt small game, but the Toy Fox Terrier became popular for their talents in traveling circuses and dog shows. They’re very easy to train and are commonly […]

Suffolk Punch Horse: The Ultimate Draft Breed Guide

suffolk punch

The Suffolk Punch Horse is an English-heavy draft breed that loves to work. In fact, the Suffolk is the only draft breed to be developed exclusively for agricultural work. This draft horse eventually got to show its talents in other areas, but their love of hard work is still evident today. This guide will teach […]

Friesian Horse: Facts, Care, History, & More!

friesian horse

What has the look of a draft horse but the grace and agility of a light equine? The Friesian horse! These beautiful steeds from the Netherlands were once the warhorses of medieval Europe, carrying armored knights into battle. Today, they’re most commonly used for drawing carriages and horseback riding.   Friesians are skilled in dressage, […]

Tennessee Walking Horse: A Modern Study of This All-American Breed

tennessee walking horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse, also known as the Tennessee Walker, is one of the most refined and elegant horse breeds to come from North America. It is a rare honor for a state to recognize a breed to represent them. Only 12 states have designated an official horse! But, this ideal riding and pleasure equine […]

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Fans of canines and fruit have long asked, “can dogs eat watermelon?” After all, it’s hard for dog owners to enjoy their food like everyone else! When you sit down after the work of preparing and cooking your meal, there’s one last obstacle a dog parent needs to overcome: two big puppy eyes looking up […]

Can Dogs Get High : Effects & Dangers Of CBD For Dogs

Are you familiar with CBD? If you are, maybe you’re aware that it comes from cannabis. Since it comes from cannabis many people think that CBD gets consumers high. However, the fact is that CBD does not get people high. But what about our pets, can dogs get high from CBD? Before we answer this, […]

Miniature Horse Breed Information & Facts

Is there anything cuter than a miniature horse? When first born, they’re the size of a big-headed puppy, and just as playful. They join the ranks of teacup pigs and baby hedgehogs as some of the most adorable members of the animal kingdom. With great cuteness, though, comes great curiosity. Is it only their size […]

What Can I Put On My Dog For Dry Skin? 6 Powerful Hydrating Solutions

What Can I Put on My Dog for Dry Skin

Dry skin is an annoyance for anybody, and it can also affect our pets. If your pooch suffers from flakes or itchiness, their skin is probably dry. You may be wondering, “what can I put on my dog for dry skin?” Fortunately, there are plenty of products and treatment options you can try before the […]

Salmon Oil For Cats: Utilizing The Benefits Of Omega Fatty Acids

Humans have long known about the many benefits of fish oil, making it one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world, but we aren’t the only ones who can gain from it. Salmon oil for cats is a trendy product that promises to boost your pet’s health, but does it live up to […]

Border Collie Dog Breed | Information & Facts

What has four paws, a high energy level, and a strong work ethic? You guessed it, the Border Collie! A popular pet nowadays, this beautiful canine was originally bred in Scotland as a working dog. This medium-sized herding canine is one of the smartest dog breeds there is! Those that aren’t pets are often used […]

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed [Profile, Care & Facts]

kThe Missouri Fox Trotter is a beautiful mid-sized gaited horse breed. It is one of the smoothest and most graceful riding equines that America has ever produced. Their impressive stamina and effortless gait have allowed the Missouri Fox Trotters to prove themselves as talented stock horses and trail riders ever since they were bred in […]

How To Introduce New Dog To Your Current Dog The Right Way

There are few things more exciting than a new dog! There’s a lot to consider before bringing your new pet home: whether it will pee all over the house, tear up furniture, or howl at three in the morning. If you already have a dog then one thing must definitely be considered. So, how do […]

Why Is My Cat Coughing? [Identifying Causes & When to Be Concerned]

A feline’s wacky behavior often begs explanation. Why is my cat coughing? Why is it sneezing? How come my cat is retching, gagging, hurling up a hairball, and staring at me like it’s plotting something? Cats may have personalities too mysterious for mankind to ever understand, but their biology has long been studied.   Coughing […]

Is Catnip Bad for Dogs? [The Answer May Surprise You!]

Many of us have heard about catnip and how it makes cats crazy, but what happens if a dog gets ahold of some? Is catnip bad for dogs or is it safe? With so many families housing both cats and dogs, this situation is bound to arise. If your dog gets ahold of catnip should […]

Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol? Click Here And Find Out!


Like most pet owners, you may be wondering, “Can I give my dog Pepto Bismol?” After all, it can be hard to watch your furry friend suffer through an upset stomach. But is Pepto Bismol the best solution? In this post, we’ll look at what Pepto Bismol is and whether or not it’s safe to […]

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