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Best Anti Itch For Dogs – Natural Remedies

Best Anti Itch for Dogs – Natural Remedies

Best Anti Itch for Dogs – Natural Remedies


Are you concerned about your dog’s itching? Does it have red, flaky patches on its body? Straightaway you need an effective anti itch for dogs before the puppy loses its fur coat. Herein, the causes of itching are spelled out, along with natural remedies, and helpful tips. Discover the remarkable solution, which is the use of CBD, and never worry about itchy skin.


dog-scratching-grass-yardWhy Is My Furry Friend Itching?


Your dog is itchy because of dry skin, insect bites, or contact with harsh chemicals. It may be allergic to its environment or to certain foods. A combination of these factors results in chronic itching. The condition can be very uncomfortable. In some cases, dogs lose their smooth fur coat.


Inflammations and Itching


An itch is an irresistible urge to scratch. Upon scratching, one feels the sweetest relief. As you may know, it is nearly impossible to resist that urge or wish it away. Thanks to our flexible fingers, dealing with the stubborn itch, is easy. Dogs, on the other hand, suffer a great deal. Most of the time, they have to find a surface to rub on for relief.


signs-of-allergic-dogFor an itch to develop the skin is usually dry, irritated and inflamed. Dryness can result from loss of moisture on the surface due to exposure to sunlight for extended periods. Dog shampoos also cleanse essential oils off the surface, produced by subcutaneous cells in the dermis layer of the skin. When the skin lacks moisture and oils, it becomes dry, and the skins cells become sensitive thus easily irritated. Slight stimulation leads to the development of an itch.


When the dog is allergic, its immune system excessively responds to the entry of foreign harmless substances. Suppose your canine has inhaled pollen dust into its lungs. Right away, the white blood cells detect this threat, triggering the production of histamine to prepare the body to counter the invasion.


In the body of mammals, histamine leads to various effects such as the dilation of blood vessels, contraction of smooth muscles found in the lungs and reduction of blood pressure. This oversensitivity is what is called an allergic reaction.


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dog-allergies-vet-eyesSymptoms of the reaction in dogs include:


  • Redness of the skin
  • Agitation/restlessness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Itchy red skin loose hair
  • Dogs feeling hot to the touch


Note that allergic reaction must be triggered. Triggers include natural allergens such as pollen and dust. When an insect bites the dogs, they inject venom, which triggers an immune response. Certain proteins in meats and skin contact with harsh chemicals cause the reactions.


Allergy Remedies


You can manage the problem using home remedies, without the need to go to the vet for dangerous steroids. Note that allergic reactions can be very severe, and life threating such as Anaphylaxis shock.


Quick Tip


Before taking your dog to the vet or using any remedies, investigate what is causing the itch. Does it develop due to the use of harsh shampoos, or from insect bites? Second, is the dog allergic to certain meats or pollen?


  • Avoid frequent baths and excessive use of shampoos
  • Find solutions to the itchy spots
  • Use a flea comb to control fleas, mites, and ticks
  • Identify all the allergens in the diet and from the environment
  • Make sure the collar is comfortable


Natural Treatments for Itchy Skin Allergies


Most of the remedies you require are in your kitchen or backyard garden. You don’t have to rely on antihistamines, chemical treatments, and steroids. For effective anti itch for dogs use:




It is a favorite among dog owners and offers relief for dogs with itchy and dry skin. Prepare a bath using one cup of blended oatmeal, one of cup baking soda, and warm water of about a quart. Veterinarians even recommend this solution for dealing with inflammations from allergies.


Coconut Oil


Coconuts contain moisturizing properties, due to lauric acid. The component contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Allergic reactions leave the skin itchy and direct application of coconut oil will soothe your dog’s skin. Apply the oil by massaging, but make sure you try it on a small area to test for possible allergic reactions. Furthermore, the addition of the oil to the dog’s diet can help boost its immunity. Use the oil at least once or twice between baths.


Yellow Dock


Traditionally, the roots and leaves of the herbs have served as effective blood purifiers. Still used by many herbalists, you can use it for skin diseases but is a great anti itch for dogs. During its application, the roots or leaves are boiled in water and solution applied to the dog’s skin. Don’t rinse afterward.




The flowers of the calendula plant contain essential oils which have medicinal properties. Notably, the extract has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects.


You can use calendula in combination with the Yellow dork. Just boil about 2 tablespoons of dried petals in four cups of water. Once the solution cools, apply it to the dog’s fur coat, and don’t rinse.


Soon calendula will fight off bacteria, and speed the healing of the red itchy skin.


dog-backyard-ithcy-skinAloe Vera


The slimy gel substance, extracted after slicing an Aloe Vera leaf is an active natural anti itch for dogs remedy. Note that boiling the leaves, makes the substance loses its healing properties. Instead rub it directly on the skin with oozing bites and sores. Use this remedy as many times as possible until the dog is cured.


Neem Oil


An old anti itch for dogs remedy. The oil comes from the seeds of the neem tree, which grows green year-round. Commonly, it is used for cooking butits proven to reduce inflammations and cure skin diseases. It is also being used in insecticides. You can add a few drops of the oil in the water alongside the dog shampoo during baths.


Olive Oil


The health benefits of olive oil are well-known, and you probably have it in your kitchen cabinet. Why not, garnish the dog’s treat with one tablespoon of the oil, twice a week. Its collection of antioxidants and vitamins will help preserve a vibrant coat both thick and shiny.. Which makes another natural anti itch for dogs.




Feeding dogs, natural yogurt free of sugars or preservatives, provides them with rich nutrients that fortify their immune system. With added protection, the pouch will fight off skin and yeast infections. Plain yogurt also aids their digestion.


Quick Tip


After a bath, our pouches are tempted to lick their body parts. Simply solve this problem, by wrapping a towel soaked in the solution around the itchy part.


Treating Allergies with CBD


The hemp plant a variety of Cannabis Sativa is the source of cannabidiol or CBD in short. In humans, this chemical component has been shown to treat the symptoms of a wide range of conditions such as arthritis, cancer, liver disease, heart conditions, anxiety, depression, nausea and inflammations.


It works by ensuring that physiological body processes, such as pain response, appetite control, immune function, and sleep regulation, run smoothly. It can help regulate allergic reactions because of its action against inflammations caused by an overreaction of the immune system.


Note that CBD produces the same effects in dogs as in humans because it controls the ECS or endocannabinoid system common to mammals. CBD products have also been used in other animals such as horses.


As an anti itch for dogs, CBD oil is available in various forms such as capsules, pet treats or tincture delivered using droplets.


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By stopping inflammations right before they happen the dogs will be itch-free and derive other benefits as well. Consult a veterinarian if the dog has sores that discharge pus for prescription of antibiotics.


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