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Best Cat Toys: How To Boost Stimulation & Activity

best cat toys

Cat owners occasionally have a tough time finding the right toy for their feline friend. This is because there is a lack of knowledge and expert recommendations in the market. To provide cat owners with recommendations that will best fit their kitty’s needs, we are here to help with a complete buyer’s guide to the best cat toys available!



Top Cat Toys Your Cat Will Love

  1. Multi-Function Cat Scratch Board
  2. Electric Cat Dome with Magnetic Mouse Toy
  3. Interactive LED Smart Ball for Cats
  4. Feather/Laser Turntable Combo for Cats


When it comes to making your kitty happy, we know cats can be particularly picky pets. One week they decide tuna is OUT. Or perhaps they suddenly stop sitting on the couch with you because they now prefer the rug.


But there are some cat toys out there that stand the test of time (and pickiness). Here are some cat-approved favorites that will keep your cat playful and satisfied.



siamese with cat track toy



1. Multi-Function Cat Scratch Board



This dynamic cat toy is perfect for playing, lounging, and scratching. Cats will enjoy either stretching out and scratching the cardboard or chasing around the balls that circle it. This is the perfect toy to keep your cat occupied throughout the day, especially if they enjoy being lone hunters on the prowl.


Key Features


  • Built-in metal bells in each ball, creating an enticing sound when the balls roll around.
  • Plant fragrance that keeps cats intrigued.
  • Open design that allows for a variety of interactions.




Cats will enjoy using this toy throughout the day, from chasing around balls during playtime to scratching the inner circle after eating. Being able to constantly chase and scratch is sure to keep your cat entertained.


Final Verdict


Whether you want your kitty to stop scratching your couch or it needs more exercise, this is a multi-functional cat toy that will meet your feline friend’s every need. The Multi-Function Scratch Board is a must-have, especially for days when you’re at work.



feline toy dome with holes



2. Electric Cat Dome with Magnetic Mouse Toy



Cats with a strong hunting instinct will find great joy having this toy around. The mouse moves around inside, leaving your cat mesmerized as they try to figure out how to gain access. The Electric Cat Dome is a toy that will keep your kitty focused, offering mental stimulation and endless entertainment.


Key Features


  • Non-slip mat. This toy is made with cats in mind, allowing for easy play without awkward and uncomfortable fumbling.
  • Simple buttons. You’ll be able to operate this toy easily, ensuring that it’s a breeze to keep your kitty entertained.
  • The feathery cat toy will have your cat endlessly intrigued.




If you have a very intelligent cat looking for a challenge, this is the toy for them. Your cat will spend hours trying to figure out how to get the mouse toy out of the dome, thanks to its rapid movements and feathery appearance. The Electric Cat Dome is definitely a toy for kitties that like problem-solving.




The Electric Cat Dome is excellent for providing your pet mental stimulation. They will remain occupied for a good chunk of time as they try to free the mouse. Since the mouse is meant to stay in the cage, your cat may not feel satisfied after playtime. To avoid an upset kitty, you might want to give your cat a mouse toy (that’s not in a dome) after the play session so they can feel that the hunt was successful.



grey feline with feather ball



3. Interactive LED Smart Ball for Cats



With a fluffy feather and unpredictable movements, this upgrade of the ever-popular classic ball toy is perfect for cats that get a little frisky with feathery toys and ball toys. This is the best of both worlds, giving hyper cats an outlet for their energy and leaving them entertained for hours.


Key Features


  • Irregular rotations keep your cat guessing. It changes direction without reason, making it unpredictable.
  • Ability to avoid obstacles in its path.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • Can choose between a few different colors. Your cat won’t care, but pick one that matches your decor a bit better if you want!




The Interactive LED Smart Ball is a toy that cats will most likely play with for short, epic bursts. Your cat may roll around and chase it, grabbing at the feather. But it may not keep your cat occupied for as long as the other two toys on the list. The Smart Ball is great for short play sessions that exert all your cat’s energy.




Cats might not focus on this toy for as long as some of the more complex options, but they won’t be able to resist the feather and zany movements. Be sure to keep an eye on the toy’s feathers since some cats try to rip them apart.



laser cat toy green dangly



4. Feather/Laser Turntable Combo for Cats



The Feather/Laser Turntable Combo is one toy that will have your cat going nuts for hours. The turntable imitates the movement of a butterfly or insect, making it hard for your cat to resist. The rapid movements will inspire your cat’s hunting instincts to come out.


Key Features


  • 360-degree rotation allows for an interesting range of motion that copies that of a bug.
  • Non-slip design so your cat can play without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.
  • Feathers to further entertain your cat.




This toy’s movement will keep your cat enticed for hours. The butterfly-like movements will mesmerize them, making it hard to ignore. Cats love hunting insects, so this toy entertains your cat for a good chunk of the day while satisfying their prey drive.




Toys that have unpredictable movements keep cats fixated much longer than toys with a pattern. Your cat will feel like a bonafide bug hunter with this toy. Again, keep an eye on the feathers and make sure that they’re not getting torn apart.



Why All Cats Need Toys

Cats are playful creatures that are endlessly curious. You’ll often notice you’re missing elastics and then find them in your cat’s box — same with bottle caps. Your cat may even get into mischief in an attempt to cure boredom. The simple truth is that cats need toys; here’s why!


Solve Stress and Boredom

Cat experts always recommend keeping your kitty indoors to avoid dangers, illness, and death. But indoor cats need a lot of toys to keep them feeling entertained and stimulated throughout the day. Here are the main reasons you should fill your home with a variety of kitty toys.


Solve the Trouble of Biting

A lot of cats see your hands and feet as toys. That’s because they were not told as a kitten to stop biting and scratching hands. It was cute then, but now it just hurts! Whenever your cat goes to attack your hand, immediately remove your hand and give them a toy instead. Consistency will have your cat realize that your hand is off-limits.


Give Them Something to Scratch

Cats are precious, but they can cause some chaos with their claws. It’s frustrating when they rip at your furniture or carpet. Having a toy around that includes scratching material will save your couch from future damage. Keep scratching toys near furniture to guide your cat away from the upholstery.


Help With Training

Even though cats are very independent by nature, some enjoy pleasing their owners. Teach your cat to fetch or use toys as a prize when it does something you want. Cats are intelligent and will learn fast!



feline exercise bouncy fluff toy



What Are the Benefits of Cat Toys?

There are many benefits to cat toys, making them essential for any cat owner to have. If you plan to adopt a kitty, it’s crucial to provide them with various toys you know they’ll enjoy playing with!


Cat Toys Encourage Activity

Vets recommend that cats spend about 30 minutes a day or more exercising. Regular exercise will help them maintain a healthy weight and provide overall wellness. Toys are the perfect way to get your cat to move, either when playing alone at midnight or hanging out with you before dinner.


Cat Toys Encourage Bonding

Many cat toys require you to be part of the action, including ribbons and fishing rod-style products. It’s great to have these types of toys as part of your collection because it’s a meaningful way to bond with your pet and build stronger connections.


Set aside time each day to play with your cat, whether it’s dragging a string in front of them or throwing jingly balls down the hall. Some cats can even learn how to fetch! Spending more playtime with your cat can be a great way to build trust and love with them.



Why Is It Important for Cats To Play?

Even though cats can sleep between 12 and 20 hours a day, they are actually quite playful and active when awake. Cats are curious and playful creatures with a hunting instinct that toys can fulfill. Simply put, toys keep your feline friend stimulated, healthy, and active.


Without having toys around, cats will often have mischievous and destructive tendencies. Boredom and a lack of mental stimulation can cause your cat to scratch furniture, climb curtains, or otherwise misbehave. They might also steal your shoelaces, pens, and other household items to keep themselves entertained.



What Types of Cat Toys Are There?

The best cat toys depend on your cat’s individual preference. While there are some common ones like feathers or string, cats usually prefer one type of toy over the other. The trick is to buy a variety of toys and see which ones your cat is drawn to.


Some cats are more into a toy’s texture or material. Toys that are springy or rubbery might appeal more, or your cat might prefer toys that squeak or jingle. You can also find moving or motorized toys to keep your cat occupied!



What Makes A Good Cat Toy?

When it comes to picking a cat toy, keep some key things in mind:


  • The safety of the materials
  • How entertained your cat will be
  • How long it will entertain your cat
  • If your kitty’s brain will be stimulated and challenged


Things To Consider When Buying Cat Toys



Always check the toy for pieces and parts. For example, some jingly balls might be cute until your cat swallows the bell that was inside. Strings can also be dangerous. Check for paint and other possibly problematic things.


Your Cats Preferences

Some cats have very particular preferences, preferring toys that have a certain texture or sound. Does your cat like chasing toys or fighting with them? Solving things or jumping for things? They might like feathers, or they might like rubber. Does your cat prefer to play with you or prowl on its own? Choosing a toy that satisfies your pet’s preferences will keep them entertained longer.



Feathers, feathers, feathers! These toys can really excite cats, but they will end up all over the floor and in your cat’s mouth. There are certain materials that cats will eventually chew apart. Check electronic toys to make sure your cat won’t be able to break them.


Your Cat’s Age and Size

Keep in mind your cat’s size when choosing toys. It wouldn’t make much sense to buy a giant mouse toy for a kitten that wouldn’t even be able to carry the toy in its mouth.


Consider age as well. Older cats might not want to chew on toys as often since their teeth may hurt. They might also be less likely to chase toys around, so they’d prefer a motion-detecting mouse over a ball being thrown down the hall.



How Can I Enhance My Cat’s Play Time?

While having a box full of cat toys is fun for your cat to pick through, there are a handful of ways to encourage your cat to play. Here are some fun ideas to motivate your cat to play longer and harder!


Play With Them

If your cat is being a bit lazy about batting a ball around, try throwing it around for them. This will encourage your cat to chase after it. They might also try to pounce on it and start playing with their prey.


Sometimes it only takes one throw to inspire a cat to start going crazy. Other times you might have to keep throwing the toy to get your cat moving!



tabby cat playing with orange toy



Teach Them Tricks

Some cats are more open to learning tricks than others. Teaching your cat how to fetch and other fun tricks will keep your cat engaged longer. Not all cats are receptive to this type of training, and some may be completely disinterested altogether.


However, if your cat understands that bringing you back a ball will make you throw it, they might be more encouraged to fetch since they now have a mission in front of them.


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Add Some Treats

Cats will be more excited to play with a toy when cat treats are involved! Some toys, including a few mentioned above, are made for you to place treats in them.


Kitties will passionately play with the toy, trying to figure out how to get to the treats inside. The prize of treats will keep your cat occupied and also reward them for playing! It’s a great routine to have with your cat since it keeps them active and satisfied.


Create A Routine

Speaking of food, you can motivate them to play even more by creating a routine your cat can count on each day. Cats love routine and will quickly adapt to the new schedule. A great time to play with your cat can be right before dinnertime to get some exercise in before eating.


Creating this type of schedule will inspire your cat to play more regularly. Cats will be more excited knowing that food is coming soon after. It’s also an excellent opportunity for them to move around and stay active.


Spray The Toys With CBD Catnip Spray

If your cat feels a bit skeptical of some toys in their collection, try spraying them with CBD catnip spray. Felines love catnip and are usually drawn to toys that contain or smell like catnip. Your cat will instantly become playful and silly, and there might also be a lot of licking!


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Catnip sprays are a great alternative to other catnip toys because it doesn’t create a mess. The spray allows you to coat a toy with catnip without getting anything on the floor or in your kitty’s fur.


The addition of CBD is another exciting element. CBD is an amazing, non-psychoactive compound found in hemp that can help your cat relax and mellow out. CBD for cats can also help relieve discomfort and even soothe aches and pains for older felines.



Final Thoughts

From feathery balls to tricky mice, there are so many cat toys to choose from. But not all toys are made equal. Some stand above the rest thanks to their material, movement, and the constant attention they’ll get from a playful kitty. Keep your cat’s preferences in mind, and your cat will be entertained and stimulated for countless hours!

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