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CBD Calming Treats For Dogs With Travel Anxiety

CBD Calming Treats For Dogs With Travel Anxiety

Getting ready to travel can create anxiety for you AND your pet. Making sure everything you need is packed. Leaving the house with enough time so you won’t hit traffic. It can be exhausting just thinking about it!  Using CBD calming treats for dogs can be very helpful in these moments not only for humans, but for pets as well.


New places and experiences can be very stressful for dogs. Their levels of stress and anxiety can increase during travel. Perhaps, you should consider giving your pooch some CBD calming treats before you hit the road. This can be the difference to ensure that your dog is calm and not behaving nervously.


Anxiety can affect dogs in different ways. Some dogs experience anxiety while others do not.


The Two Main Reasons For Anxiety In Dogs Are:

  1. Situationalfireworks, strangers and travel
  2. Behavioral – such as separation anxiety


Thankfully, CBD can address the symptoms of travel anxiety while giving your dog a better quality of life.



Signs & Symptoms Of Travel Anxiety In Dogs

Before you hit the road it’s important to observe any changes in your dog’s behavior. These changes can be indicators of what to expect when traveling with your dog. But what should you look for? Don’t worry we got you covered:

Some Signs Of Anxiety To Look For When Traveling With Dogs:

  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Whimpering
  • Trembling
  • Urinating or defecating on the floor despite being house trained
  • Nervous licking of the lips


What Is CBD & Its Benefits For Anxiety

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural substance found in the hemp plat. CBD has been used for hundreds of years and has proven many medical benefits. This compound has been shown to reduce anxiety in pets.


How Does It Work?

The properties in CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system found in the body to relax and calm your pet. CBD can increase serotonin levels in the brain that can reduce anxiety in dogs. Also, CBD does not contain THC (the ingredient that makes you feel high).  There are many different uses and benefits for CBD.  Below is a list of the TOP 5 benefits:

Top 5 CBD Benefits:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Anti-Seizure Properties
  3. Combat Anxiety
  4. Helps To Manage Cancer Symptoms
  5. Reduces the Risk of Diabetes


What Are The Best CBD Calming Treats For Dogs?

CBD is offered in a variety of ways: CBD Hemp Oil Drops, CBD Hemp Treats, and CBD Pet Capsules. Each item has their own specific dosage options (see link below), based on your pet’s bodyweight. CBD hemp oil drops are probably the most popular (Apply drops directly in your pet’s mouth or in your pet’s food).  


Each dog will react differently to these offerings. It’s important to observe how your dog acts when giving him/her CBD. If you have a stubborn doggy, try doing something creative so they don’t know its there. For instance, many people will hide capsules in the dog’s food by opening them and mixing the powder into it. This can help your pet get it down. 


If oils or capsules aren’t your dog’s preference try using  CBD Dog Treats. These treats usually come in different flavors, so you will have more options Keep in mind, these treats contain the same amount of CBD as oils.


Dosage Guidelines: CBD Tinctures For Dogs:

Holistapet sells different sizes of CBD Tincture For Dogs. These are available in size 150mg, 300mg, & 600mg.


For small dogs (under 20lbs):

  • Use the 150mg bottle
  • 1 drop = 0.5mg of CBD
  • Regular Dose = 0.25mg for every 1lb of body-weight
  • Strong Dose = 0.5mg for every 1lb of body-weight

Medium dogs (20lbs – 60lbs):

  • Use the 300mg bottle
  • 1 drop = 1mg of CBD
  • Regular Dose = 0.25mg for every 1lb of body-weight
  • Strong Dose = 0.5mg for every 1lb of body-weight

Large dogs (60lbs and over):

  • Use the 600mg bottle
  • 1 drop = 1mg of CBD
  • Regular Dose = 0.25mg for every 1lb of body-weight
  • Strong Dose = 0.5mg for every 1lb of body-weight


FULL DOSING INFO: See Our Own CBD Dosage Guide For Pets


Are CBD Calming Treats Safe For Dogs?

Is CBD safe for my Dog? YES, CBD treats are definingly safe for your dog. CBD treats offer a coxing stimulant and relieves the body of anxiety and pain. CBD can be taken alongside other prescriptions your dog is taking.


This natural medication poses no threat to your pooch. It will only help in addressing anxiety and pain. Your dog won’t be HIGH or behave in a sedated state. Instead, dog owners have reported a positive change in behavior and are happy with the CBD benefits.


When Buying CBD For Your Dog, It’s Important To Ask The Following Questions:

Is It Organic?

High quality CBD is generally made from organically grown hemp.


Is CBD Independently Tested?  

Always ask for a certificate of analysis from an independent lab. Lab tests will show the amount of CBD present but also it should show that the products do not have any harmful residual solvents or pesticides.


What Is The THC Content?  

Some CBD can have THC present, if so it should be less than .03%.


These are important questions to ask because low-quality CBD oil may not give the same benefits and some can even have toxic ingredients!


CBD Calming Treats VS Traditional Calming Treats For Dogs

Some traditional remedies will work for your dog but sometimes they do not. It usally takes research, application, and observation. There is no “cookie-cutter” process that will work for every pet. Here are some things to consider when making a comparison.

  • CBD calming treats contain Cannabidiol.  Traditional calming treats only contain herbs and other calming ingredients (such as Ginger or Melatonin).  Holistapet CBD Dog treats contain organic ingredients targeted at specific conditions: Stress & Anxiety Relief; Heart & Immune Care; Joint & Mobility Care.
  • An increase of ingredients can risk the chance of an allergic reaction vs CBD not having multiple ingredients
  • Herbs may not sometimes not be strong enough to manage anxiety or pain
  • The right balance of herbal supplements and CBD is needed to create the exact dosage for your pet.




When talking about medication: veterinarians typically prescribe anxiety medication for dogs.


The Most Popular Prescribed Medications For Anxiety In Dogs Are:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors


These Drugs Can Produce A Variety Of Side-Effects, Including:


How Long Do CBD Dog Calming Treats Last?

Studies show that CBD rich oil-based products can last from six to eight hours or more. So, if you’ve got a long distance to travel CBD oil may be the best solution to your dog’s travel anxiety.  

CBD oils are administered directly into your pet’s mouth for immediate relief.  This way the impact will be felt quicker versus capsules mixed with food.  

Another thing to remember is that CBD levels are meant to be built up in the body.  So with a consistent dosage, the effects will last forever. 



Marcin Ossowski

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