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CBD For Dog Diarrhea & Digestive Issues [WORKS!]

CBD For Dog Diarrhea & Digestive Issues [WORKS!]

If your dog develops diarrhea, it’s usually nothing to worry about. Your pet probably ate something that they shouldn’t have or they may have picked up a stomach virus. Diarrhea can be uncomfortable for a dog though, and it can lead to an unexpected mess in your home. Diarrhea can usually be treated by fasting the dog for 24 hours and then reintroducing a bland diet gradually. Some pet owners have found that using CBD for dog diarrhea can speed up the recovery process. If you have a dog that is prone to bouts of diarrhea, here’s all you need to know about using CBD for dog diarrhea.


Causes Of Dog Diarrhea

Dog diarrhea is quite common. The occasional bout of diarrhea is nothing to worry about. The condition is characterized by loose or liquid bowel movements. It will usually only last a day or two, and then it will clear up without any treatment needed. If diarrhea persists, it could cause dehydration. It could also be a sign of a more serious issue.


Dog diarrhea can be caused by simple things, like a change in diet, or the dog eating food it shouldn’t. It can also be caused by infection or more serious diseases. Common causes of diarrhea in dogs include the following:



Dog stool colors cbd for dog diarrhea may help


Symptoms Of Dog Diarrhea

The most common symptom of dog diarrhea is the frequent passing of liquid or loose stools. Other signs that a dog may have diarrhea include flatulence, and mucus or blood in the stool. You may also notice that your dog is having difficulty defecating and the volume of stool passed may change. Other symptoms that may accompany diarrhea include the following:


Know What To Feed A Pet With Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be either acute or chronic. Acute diarrhea is diarrhea that comes on suddenly and lasts for less than a week. It is usually the result of the dog eating garbage, a change of diet, or a viral or parasitic infection. Chronic diarrhea is a long-term condition. It is usually caused by other problems, like dietary allergies, or liver or kidney disease.


Whether the diarrhea is acute or chronic, diet will play a key part in recovery. Feeding your pet with the wrong type of food, though, will prolong the condition and it could become worse.


In cases of acute diarrhea where there are no other complications, withholding food for 24 hours will help the digestive system repair itself. You should ensure that the dog has plenty of water to drink. If your pet isn’t drinking, you should take your dog to a vet, because there may be a risk of dehydration.


Along with CBD for dog diahhrea, the best diet to feed a dog with diarrhea is bland food. White meats, easy to digest carbohydrates, and low-fat foods are ideal. You should avoid foods that are heavily flavored and foods that contain dairy products. Recommend foods to feed a dog with diarrhea include:


  • Mashed potato
  • Chicken
  • White fish
  • Ground turkey
  • White rice
  • White pasta


When a dog is recovering from acute diarrhea and it has been fasting, you should feed your dog small portions of food to begin with. If it begins to clear up, you can then increase the size of portions gradually. Avoid feeding the dog any bad foods until the diarrhea has completely gone and the dog has returned to a healthy weight.  Use CBD tincture oil instead.


What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol (CBD) can help a dog with diarrhea in several ways. It reduces inflammation, increases the appetite, and it will help to bring the digestive system back into a state of balance.


CBD is a natural compound. It is one of many cannabinoid compounds that come from the cannabis plant. When cannabinoids enter the body, they act in the same ways that the body’s own endocannabinoids do. They interact with the endocannabinoid system to regulate many of the body’s natural functions.


Many medicinal uses of CBD that have been discovered. Among them, CBD is known to reduce inflammation, calm the digestive system, and regulate the appetite. All of which make CBD for dog diarrhea a viable treatment.


Acute dog diarrhea is usually caused by the canine eating spoiled food or toxic substances. This causes inflammation in the stomach and intestines. In most cases, brief bouts of vomiting and diarrhea are nothing at all to worry about. Fasting followed by a brief period of feeding the dog a bland diet infused with CBD is the best way to treat doggy diahhrea. Many pet owners have found that administering CBD for dog diarrhea speeds up the recovery process. CBD can also be useful for treating dogs with sensitive stomachs who frequently suffer with bouts of acute diarrhea.


How To Use CBD For Dog Diarrhea?

There are several different ways that you can administer CBD for dog diarrhea. There are CBD oil drops and CBD Pet Capsules that can be given to the dog orally. You can add CBD oil to your pet’s water or food. CBD dog treats are also recommended to help ease your pet’s diarrhea.


When using CBD, check the information that you received with the CBD product for dosage recommendations. The strength of different CBD products will vary. If your dog is being treated for any other conditions, you should check with your vet before you administer CBD.




It is better to begin treating your dog with low doses of CBD before increasing the dose gradually and monitoring progress.


sad dog with diarrhea needs cbd


How To Prevent Dog Diarrhea

In some cases, dog diarrhea is unavoidable. Dogs can pick up infections and they do sometimes eat inappropriate food. However, there are steps that you can take that will minimize the risk:


Don’t Feed Your Dog Table Scraps

A dog’s digestive system is unable to cope very well with human food. Our food has stronger flavorings than a dog’s natural diet has, and it contains too much fat. Feeding dog’s scraps from the table is a common cause of diarrhea in dogs.  Feed them CBD for dog diahhrea, and CBD dog treats to maintain a healthy immune system.  CBD fights against irritable bowel syndrome and has been shown to have anti-microbial properties, which means CBD helps with regulating digestion.


Keep Spoiled Food & Garbage Out Of Reach

Dogs are natural scavengers. If they find food, they will eat it even if it’s spoiled. So keep spoiled food well out of reach of your pet and make sure your dog can’t get into the garbage.


Discourage Your Dog From Eating Plants & Drinking From Puddles

When you are walking your dog, chastise your pet of it tries to eat plants or drink water from puddles. Puddles can contain bacteria, and some plants are poisonous to dogs.


Introduce Your Dog To New Foods Slowly

If you are going to change your dog’s diet, do it gradually. If your dog has always eaten the same things, sudden changes in diet can cause diarrhea. It is best to vary your dog’s diet on a regular basis. Including CBD is also a huge benefit to their holistic health. That will give your pet a more diverse balanced diet and they won’t be so sensitive to change.


Make Sure Your Dog Is Free Of Parasites

Intestinal parasites are common in dogs and they can cause diarrhea. Have your dog tested for internal parasites and give your dog appropriate anti-parasite medications.


Provide Your Dog With Healthy, Balanced Diet.

Feed your dog with high quality, protein rich dog food. Different breeds have different nutritional requirements. If you are unsure what to feed your dog, talk your vet.


Even the healthiest dogs will get diarrhea from time to time, just as humans do. You can help prevent it, though, with a healthy diet, regular check-ups by a vet, and stopping your dog eating what it shouldn’t. If your dog does develop acute diarrhea, fasting, followed by a bland diet will clear it up. Supplements like CBD oil speed up the recovery process and are beneficial no matter what.

Marcin Ossowski

Marcin Ossowski is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from UCLA in 2007 with a major in linguistics and a minor in biology. During his time there, he undertook original research in neurolinguistics and cognitive science, specifically focusing on language disorders and dementia. Over the past decade, he has worked as a writer and researcher for several political consulting firms, taught English abroad in Poland, and ghostwritten two books. In his downtime, Marcin spends a lot of time outdoors and actively pursuing his passion for writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and satire.

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