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Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies [The Complete Guide]

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies [The Complete Guide]

Are you distressed by the hair loss of your furry friend? Well, you need not dwell on this common issue anymore. Hair loss in dogs is a treatable problem and you can solve it with our Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies Guide. Before moving to the solution, let’s look at the causes of this problem.

Causes of Hair Loss in Dogs

Dog hair loss home remedies Boxer with hair loss on backHair Loss Caused by Allergies

It may sound a bit surprising, but even allergies can cause hair loss in dogs. The allergies can be caused due to various environmental factors. This includes dust mites, molds and pollen. Even parasite triggers like mites and fleas can cause allergies.

Sometimes food allergies can cause hair loss in dogs. This is why if you notice that your dog is suffering from allergies, then you need to be on your guard against other symptoms of allergy like biting and excess scratching.

CBD Oil has been used to help treat allergies in dogs for years. See our ailments guide for more info on allergies and skin conditions.

Hair Loss Caused by Cushing Disease

Sometimes excess hair loss can be caused by Hyperadrenocorticism. It is also known as the Cushing disease. When the body tissues of your fury friend are exposed to the cortisol hormone for a long time, then this leads to the Cushing disease.

Hair loss can be termed as a symptom of this disease. If you notice hair loss in your pet along with the development of the pot-bellied abdomen and skin darkening, then you can suspect Cushing disease. This is why it will be a good idea to get your dog checked for Cushing disease also on witnessing hair loss.

back dog hair lossHair Loss Caused by Infection

Sometimes bacterial or fungal infection in dogs can also cause hair loss. For example, ringworms can cause loss of hair. When your dog loses hair because of ringworms, then the hair loss is in an irregular pattern, and you will also notice inflammation.

Hair Loss Caused by Pressure Sores

The Pressure sores are also called the bed sores. They can be termed as the localized injuries. The Pressure sores develop when your dog’s pressure points or elbows come up in contact with the hard surfaces.

The constant friction and Callus cause the skin to lose the hair and bleed also. You will notice that the Pressure sores are more common in old dogs.

Hair Loss Caused by Genetics

Sometimes genetics can also be a factor behind hair loss in dogs. For example, the American Hairless Terrier, Whippet, and Grey Hound are dogs that are prone to baldness.

There is also a possibility that the hair loss may not be caused by a disease. The dog may undergo normal shedding or seasonal shedding of hair also.

Home Remedies for Dog Hair Loss

There are times when you cannot take the dog to vet right away. We will just explain how you should go about things in this situation. You should first check your dog for fleas. If your dog does not have fleas, then it can be suffering from one of the above-mentioned problems.

Give Your Dog A More Natural Diet

The most common cause of dog skin allergies is the food you feed them. First things first, replace the name brand store bought dog food with a more natural brand food.

Try to introduce some homemade options to the dog. For example, you can offer the cooked chicken breast to the dog. You may also offer fully cooked vegetables or fully cooked rice to the dog.

Dog hair loss home remedies dog-hair-loss-lemon-juiceMaking Use of Lemon Juice

You all must be aware of the fact that lemon juice has anti-bacterial properties. This juice can be quite helpful to treat hair loss among the dogs. You can infuse about a quart of warm water with a slice of lemon for about five hours. You should strain this water afterward.

You can apply the infusion to the affected areas of your fury friend to treat the hair loss. Lemon juice is one of the quickest dog hair loss home remedies.


dog-hair-loss-apple-cider-vinegar-super-169Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Combat Allergies

The Apple Cider Vinegar has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. What makes Apple Cider Vinegar so valuable is that it boosts the immune system. When you have to use Apple Cider Vinegar for the hair loss of your fury friend, then you should mix equal parts of vinegar with water.

This mixture can be applied easily to the affected area. You can dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it on your dog. You can also try adding about two drops of Apple Cider Vinegar in your dog’s food or drinking water.

Try giving your fury friend an anti-fungal bath. This can help to relieve the hair loss symptoms and will help to get rid of itching also. You can add the undiluted vinegar to the bath and rinse your pet with this mixture. This is one of the most effective dog hair loss remedies.

Dog hair loss home remedies flaxseed oil for dog hair lossTry Using Flaxseed Oil

You should also try mixing some flaxseed oil in your dog’s food or flaxseeds in their diet. The flaxseed oil has a high quantity of Omega 3 fatty acids in it. This is beneficial because Omega 3 fatty acids have been found to treat dogs with dry, itchy skin and hair coat. Omega 3’s also help treat inflammation in dogs. This is why it works well for hair loss in dogs.

Exploring the Benefits of Olive Oil for your Furry Friend

Olive oil is bliss for your dog. If you notice hair loss in your pet, try rubbing some olive oil in the palm of your hand. Give your pet a nice massage. The olive oil will also help to give a shiny coat to your pet and they will just love your massage as well. Want more dog hair loss home remedies? Read on!

aloe-vera-dog-hair-lossTreating Hair Loss with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera also works well for hair loss. If itching causes the hair loss, then you can apply Aloe Vera on your dog’s skin to soothe the itching.

Additionally, you should also try to give supplements to your dog that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This also helps to treat hair loss.


Coconut-Oil-For-dog-hair-loss-2Using Coconut Oil

You should also try to apply coconut oil to your dog’s coat. What you will appreciate about this oil is Lauric acid is present in it. This oil builds up the topical immunity of your pet.



cbd oil for dog hair loss works great

CBD Oil for Dog Hair Loss

It is also possible to treat hair loss problems in your pet by making use of CBD oil for dogs. The CBD oil is a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. You can also think along the lines of adding the CBD Oil in your pet’s food for reducing inflammation. The GLA present can also regulate the endocrine system of your pet. This is why CBD has been known to be one of the best home remedies for hair loss in dogs.

CBD oil can also help to improve the overall resistance of your pet. You can apply a thin layer of this oil onto the skin, and it can do wonders.

Does your dog love treats more than anything? Give your furry friend some CBD infused edibles like CBD Dog treats. These treats have helped many of our happy dog owners with their dog’s allergy problem.

Best CBD Oil for Dog Hair Loss

Confiding in Essential Oils

Cedarwood Atlas

You can also treat hair loss in dogs by making use of some essential oils that we are about to mention. If your pet has lost his hair due to an allergy and you want to speed up the hair growth process, then you can try Cedarwood Atlas.

Cedarwood Atlas is also a great flea and pest repellent. It is an antiseptic also and can stimulate the hair growth in your dog. Read on for more dog hair loss home remedies!

tea-tree-oil-dog-hair-lossTea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil also does wonders if you have to treat hair loss in dogs caused by flea infestations. You can spray your dog’s skin with water and tea tree oil. This acts as a great flea repellent. You should add about one teaspoon of tea tree oil in about a cup of water.

However, you need to follow some safety instructions when using essential oils for your pet. You should always use the essential oil in diluted form. Never add these essential oil to the water or food of your pet.

It is also important to be vigilant when using the essential oils. If you notice any redness or reaction, then in such a situation you should discontinue use.

Indulging in Regular Brushing

An effective remedy to reduce seasonal hair loss in dogs is by brushing the coat of the dog on a regular basis. This helps in distributing the dog’s skin oils into the fur. This helps the fur in staying in its place.

jug of almond oil next to bowl of almondsDiscovering the Benefits of Almond Oil

For seasonal hair loss, you can also try applying almond oil to your pet’s hair. The almond oil has vitamins and nutrients in it. This oil greatly helps to strengthen the hair of your pet. The hair will also develop shine due to the use of almond oil.

When your pet suffers hair loss, then make sure that you have fool-proof plan to deal with the issue. Before moving to the home remedies, it is essential that you should get the problem diagnosed by the vet. This way you will know the best dog hair loss home remedies that work well with your pet.

While trying our dog hair loss home remedies keep one thing in mind. Treatment with home remedies is more of a gradual process, and you will not get the results overnight. This is why the best approach is to be consistent and try one method at a time. You will get to see the results soon.


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Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies [The Complete Guide]
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