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National Black Dog Day: Another Reason To Own A Dark-Haired Pup

national black dog day

Did you know that black dogs are the least likely to be adopted? Anyone who observes a black dog for any time will notice that their behavior is truly no different from dogs of a different color. Regardless of age, personality, breeding, size, or behavior, the phenomenon of black pups being left behind persists. National Black Dog Day falls on October 1st and encourages adopting a dog that comes in darker shades.


They come in shaggy hair, long-haired, and short hair breeds, too. Perhaps you fancy a more floppy-eared pup? You can find a sweet pup in any shape and size in one beautiful shade of black or another! Pointed ears or floppy ones, stubby or long tails, big paws, and little paws, too! Not only do black dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all need a place to mark as their forever homes.



What is National Black Dog Day?

National Black Dog Day was founded by animal advocate and pet & family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. Paige has also has founded several other pet-related holidays such as National Puppy Day, National Cat Day, and National Dog Day.


National Black Dog Day was inspired by a dog adopted by Paige named Sailor. Sailor was a black dog who was abused, emaciated, and unfortunately passed at 14 on October 1st, 2014. This led to the official recognition of National Black Dog Day. Paige started the holiday to keep Sailor’s legacy alive and highlight the plight of all black dogs.



canine with stick in its mouth



When is National Black Dog Day?

National Black Dog Day is observed on October 1st every year since 2014. This holiday encourages the adoption of all dogs that come in darker shades.



National Black Dog Day History 

Black dogs have a history, no doubt reaching back to the beginnings of the human and canine relationship. So it can be difficult to understand why the same stigma surrounding black cats also affects black dogs; after all, the color of a dog’s coat truly has nothing to do with their personality. Nonetheless, we’ve provided a relatively barebones timeline skimming the history of our dark and mysterious canine friends.


Dogs become humans’ best friends – ​13,000 B.C.

Archaeological records report dogs being buried alongside humans approximately 15,000 years ago — although some experts argue it was closer to 36,000 years ago.


Black dogs make black wolves – 5000 B.C.

​Some studies imply that the gene responsible for the North American wolf’s black coat is because of Yukon dogs transferring genetic information at some point.


​Black dogs find an advocate – 2004

Tamara Delaney starts “Black Pearl Dogs,” a website meant to educate the general public about “Black Dog Syndrome,” a strange phenomenon where people consistently leave black dogs behind at adoption shelters in favor of light-colored dogs.


The First National Black Dog Day is celebrated – 2014

Pet and lifestyle expert Colleen Paige begins the first National Black Dog Day — focusing on what she calls “these shiny, beautiful fur babies that offer the same amount of unconditional love as any other canine companion and deserve the same amount of love back.”



How to Observe National Black Dog Day 

Dogs are among the happiest, most trusting, and joy-filled creatures on the planet. So it only makes sense that on October 1st, we take time out of our busy day to stop and celebrate our favorite canine companions.


According to various studies, pet owners live longer, weigh less, are considerably healthier, and generally lead happier lives than those without a four-legged furry friend to keep them company. So we ask you, what’s not to love about a special little holiday just for you to celebrate the darker variants of man’s best friend and all of the wonderful benefits they can bring into our lives?


Adopt A Black Dog!

Here’s some good news for you: There are plenty of black dogs to choose from at a shelter near you! Many people will pass over black dogs when adopting from animal shelters, subconsciously preferring to bring home lighter-coated animals. Because of this, black dogs are much more likely to be put down on average. This is often because, regardless of the dog breed, people tend to associate black dogs negatively.


Take Your Dog For A Walk!

Everyone knows how excited our pups get for a little outside time, regardless of what color they are! A simple (though nearly foolproof) way to celebrate national black dog day is to take your four-legged friend on a little stroll, or perhaps play a bit of catch, to commemorate their special day!


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Let Your Dog Play At The Dog Park!

Allowing your sweet pup to run around, have fun, and eventually tucker themselves out at the dog park can be as much of a treat for you as it is for your little canine friend. 


Perhaps organize a doggy park play date that your sweet black pup is sure to enjoy! Not only will your dog get a fun bit of exercise (which is always beneficial for the younger pups), but they get the chance to socialize with other dogs for a little impromptu black dog day party at the park! If your puppy has friends in the area, make it a point to call fellow puppy parents with black pups.


Surprise Your Dog With A Special Treat!

We challenge you to think of an experience more joyful than watching your sweet pup tear into a new treat or toy. Difficult, right? Dogs love new toys, gifts, and snacks (though, to be fair, who doesn’t?). Not to mention, Your precious black pooch deserves special treatment for their special day!


To celebrate your excellent canine companion and show them how much you love them, why not grab them a new chew toy or a bag of special dog treats that we’re sure they’ll love.


CBD for Dogs!

Cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) interacts with a natural system found in mammals that helps balance and govern several vital functions in the body. This system is called the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS, if you’re short on time.


Treat your dog to a few of our CBD dog treats or soft chews for dogs. CBD can be an excellent remedy for uneasy behavior, discomfort, and many more ailments that dogs tend to suffer from. CBD interacts with the ECS to provide a handful of benefits for your sweet pup to enjoy. Here are some of those benefits listed: 


  • Enhanced mobility
  • Discomfort and soreness relief 
  • Promoting natural sleep
  • Easing nervousness
  • Bone growth



dog on couch sticking tongue out



Spread the word!

So many people are actively looking for a fur-covered canine companion to adopt! Who knows, you might even inspire a couple of people to adopt a black dog! When October 1st gets closer (and throughout the rest of the year), try to spread the word and inform the people in your life about the plight of these black beauties.



Final Thoughts – National Black Dog Day

Refusing to give a sweet and deserving dog a loving home based on nothing more than superstition is just plain silly. When choosing a canine companion, the most important thing will always be what’s inside.


Any black dog has the potential to be the most loyal friend you could imagine, and most dogs deserve all of the love that you can give them. Plus, with those sleek black coats, they’re not bad-looking! So many black dogs are just waiting for the chance to shower their fur-ever family with so much love.

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