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National Pet Week: Top Tips for Celebrating Here!

national pet week

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If you’re as big an animal fan as we are, your pets are likely celebrated and treated as family members. Though pet birthday parties are a blast, did you know that there’s an official week dedicated to loving and cherishing your pets? That’s right — we’re talking about National Pet Week!


While there are a lot of fun holidays where you can celebrate your pet, we think National Pet Week is extra special. Not only does it bring a lot of awareness and education to current pet owners, but it also helps to foster responsible pet ownership amongst those looking to adopt! Follow along with us in this article to learn more about all the good National Pet Week brings, its history, and the best tips on celebrating this lovable week!



What Is National Pet Week?

National Pet Week is an annual, week-long holiday in the United States. Its main goal is to spread awareness about responsible pet ownership and the many joys that come with it. Every day during National Pet Week has a different focus, but all days work together to ultimately promote the idea of being a safe, loving, and committed pet owner.


National Pet Week also brings awareness to the many different types of animals that make great pets (not just dogs and cats!) and helps educate children and adults on how to properly interact with animals.



dog chilling on national pet week



What Is Each National Pet Week Day Dedicated To?

Each day of National Pet Week has a dedicated theme that promotes attention toward a different educational pet topic! Here are the themes for each day of the week:


  • Sunday: How to choose the best lifetime pal for your needs, goals, and lifestyle
  • Monday: Socializing your pets with other animals and humans
  • Tuesday: Maintaining proper nutrition and exercise habits for your pets’ overall health
  • Wednesday: The importance of veterinary medicine and routine check-ups with veterinary technicians
  • Thursday: Traveling with your pet
  • Friday: How to best prepare for emergencies
  • Saturday: Keeping up with proper pet care as your furry friend ages so that they live a fuller, healthier life


When Is It?

National Pet Week occurs every year during the first week of May. This year (2022), it will occur from May 1st to May 7th!


History of National Pet Week

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) established National Pet Week in 1981. The AVMA is a professional organization made up of over 90,000 veterinarians from around the world! They established Pet Week to help increase public awareness about the benefits of pet ownership and responsible pet care, and it has always occurred during the first full week of May.


The AVMA wanted a holiday where veterinary professionals could come together to celebrate the special human-animal bond and promote responsible pet ownership practices. Since its inception, National Pet Week has grown leaps and bounds — it’s now celebrated annually across the United States!



Celebrating National Pet Week

No matter what pet you have — or even if you don’t own one yourself — there are plenty of ways to celebrate this special week! And now that you know a little more about the reason for the holiday, it’s time to begin thinking about how you may want to celebrate.


Here are some fun ideas:


Have a Pet Party

This is the perfect opportunity to invite all your friends with pets over for a play date! Make sure to have plenty of toys and activities to keep everyone — both human and animal — entertained.


You can even make your party a movie night by checking out some of the best animal films! Our favorites are A Dog’s PurposeFinding NemoLassie Come Home, and Lilo and Stitch (Stitch obviously counts as a dog).


Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

Spend some time giving back to animals in need by volunteering at your local animal shelter or rescue organization! From walking dogs to cleaning cages, there’s sure to be a perfect task for you. Some shelters even recruit help that includes cuddling and reading to animals. How cute is that?


Educate Others About Responsible Pet Ownership

National Pet Week is a great time to talk to others about the importance of responsible pet ownership. Whether you start a conversation at work, school, or even just with your friends and family, spreading the word is an awesome way to celebrate!


Make a Donation to an Animal Organization

Another way to give back is by giving a monetary or supply donation to an animal shelter or rescue organization. Even a small bag of dog food or a blanket can go a long way.


Treat Your Pet Their Favorite Meals or Snacks

This one is pretty self-explanatory — what better way to show your pet how much you love them than by giving them their favorite food? We guarantee they’ll feel extra spoiled all week long.


Our favorite way to pamper our pets is with CBD! Here at HolistaPet, we make all our treats with natural, premium ingredients and the highest quality hemp. So go ahead and pamper your pet — they deserve it.



Pet-Specific Activities To Celebrate Pet Week

Some activities are better suited for different kinds of animals. Whether your pal is little or big, here are some more specific ways to celebrate your pets!


Celebrate With Your Dog

If your furry friend is of the canine persuasion, you’re in luck! Dogs are some of the easiest animals to find activities for. These are just a few suggestions:


  • Go on an extra-long walk or run
  • Play fetch at the park
  • Have a picnic in the backyard
  • Make homemade dog treats together


CBD Treats for Pups

Want to skip making homemade treats but still give Fido something really special? Try giving them a CBD treat! HolistaPet has a wide range of dog treats, which include:


  • Wellness Dog Treats: These are best for overall care and upkeep!
  • Mobility Dog Treats: Great for older dogs or those who’ve recovered from previous injuries.
  • Calming Dog Treats: Calming treats are best for nervous dogs and make for a great pre-vet visit snack.


Does your dog have trouble with crunchier, traditional treats? No problem! HolistaPet also carries CBD Calming Soft Chews for older pals or those with sensitive teeth.



woman cuddling her dog



Celebrating With Your Cat

Cats are often thought of as independent creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun! You can make your cat’s National Pet Week extra special by:


  • Setting up a new scratching post or climbing tree
  • Playing with toy mice or feathers
  • Giving them a big catnip-filled pillow to lounge on
  • Making homemade cat treats for them


CBD Treats for Cats

Cats often have the strangest personalities, and we love them for it! Sometimes, though, they can benefit from a little extra relaxation. HolistaPet’s crunchy CBD Cat Treats will do just the trick! Infused with premium hemp extract, our treats are a delectable salmon flavor and will leave your feline begging for more.


Celebrate With Your Horse

Horses are such beautiful, regal creatures — and they deserve a National Pet Week that’s just as grand! Here are a few ideas for how to celebrate with your horse:


  • Go for an extra-long ride
  • Give them a spa day with a brush down and mane/tail braiding
  • Bake homemade horse treats


CBD Treats for Horses

Did you know horses can benefit from CBD, too? That’s right! From helping them maintain a calm disposition to relieving them from general aches and discomfort, CBD treats can do a lot for your favorite ponies. HolistaPet’s CBD horse products include:


  • Pellets for Horses: Packed with essential fatty acids, our pellets are a great way to help sustain your horse’s wellness!
  • Oil Tincture: You may be familiar with our CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats, but we make one strong enough for horses! Shop our CBD Oil for Horses in 7500 mg strength.


Celebrating With Your Fish

National Pet Week is the perfect time to show your fish some extra love! Here are a few ideas on how to treat your favorite finned best friends:


  • Get them a new aquarium decoration
  • Give them a bigger or more interesting fish tank
  • Play some calming music by the fish tank
  • Give them a little extra attention, like gently petting them (if they’re the right kind of fish)


Can I Give CBD to My Fish?

While you can give cannabis products to your fish, it won’t necessarily do much for them. Though it has been shown to change their appetites, you’re probably better off giving your fish a treat from your local pet store. Be sure to buy treats that are suitable for your fish’s species!



cat sitting next to cbd tincture



Why Celebrate Pets?

The real question is, why not celebrate pets? National Pet Week is a time to honor and appreciate our beloved furry, feathered, or scaled friends. Animals bring us so much joy and companionship, and they deserve to be honored for all the love and affection they give us every day of the year. They can help provide us with:


  • Emotional support and companionship
  • Ways to make new friends and social connections
  • Lots of entertainment
  • Support in maintaining good physical health
  • An unconditional, life-long friendship
  • And so much more!


Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird, or other pet, National Pet Week is a great time to show your appreciation for their unconditional love and companionship. Whether you are giving them treats or gifts or simply spending some quality time with them outside in the sunshine (or by cuddling up!), there are countless ways to celebrate your pets.



Final Thoughts — National Pet Week

If you consider yourself a devoted animal lover or are looking to adopt your first pet, National Pet Week is the perfect time to celebrate all of your furry (or not-so furry) pals! We hope you enjoyed learning more about this unique holiday and that you’ll take some time this May to join in on the fun by taking the time to celebrate National Pet Week.


Want to really get the party started for your four-legged friends? Shop HolistaPet’s National Pet Week Sale to save money on the most premium CBD treats for all your pets!

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