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Dog Throwing Up? Using CBD May Help Dog Nausea

Dog Throwing Up? Using CBD May Help Dog Nausea

Until recent years, cannabis was considered a harmful plant and a dangerous drug for pets. This is because cannabis contains the psychoactive compound THC which makes our pet’s feel high. However, scientific research has shown that cannabis contains a different compound which is non psychoactive and a real medicinal advantage.

This compound is what we are referring to as cannabinoid oil or CBD. People and pets are taking advantage of the medicinal properties found in CBD. There are several differences between the two substances found in the cannabis plant. If your dog is throwing up because of nausea, using natural supplements like CBD can make a huge difference.

So what exactly causes nausea in dogs and what are the symptoms of dog nausea?



Causes of Nausea in Dogs


There are several reasons why your dog might be throwing up. To begin with, this could be the sign of an expectant dog. Just like human beings, the dogs throw up when they are pregnant. Second reasons could be because the dog has intestinal worms which cause the dog throwing up every time it feeds on something. The viral infections are also a cause of dog throwing up since they cause an inflammation which will result in nausea.

In some less serious cases, your best friend could be throwing up because of eating excess food. Avoid feeding your dog too much food at once.

Also, your dog throwing up could be because of very fast eating leading to food flowing back out. This is very common when you feed your dog for the first time after it has been left unfed for a prolonged period of time. To avoid this, it is important to make sure your dog is fed on time always.

The other common cause of dog throwing up is a continuous period of anxiety which leads to dog’s stomach not being able to hold food due to the anxious feeling.

What are some of the symptoms that will tell you the dog is experiencing nausea?


dog vomiting anatomy diagram cbdSymptoms of Nausea in Dogs


A dog throwing up can be one of the most common signs of nausea. This works the same for human beings. We will throw up when we feel nauseated. It’s a common way to get rid of nausea.

The second sign of nausea in dogs is diarrhea. Whenever you notice looseness in the dog’s stool, it is important to consider this as another sign of nausea. Diarrhea can be caused by more serious conditions, one of these conditions is nausea.

Whenever the dog is showing reduced appetite, it might be because of nausea. Nausea has the effect of making the stomach feel bloated, and this is why your dog could be facing reduced appetite. The reduced appetite will lead to weight loss which could be fatal if not treated. Be ready to treat your dog for nausea whenever you notice reduced appetite to reduce the chances of this leading to more serious conditions.

A nauseated dog can also become dehydrated since drinking water too will not be hard as a result of the nausea feeling. The dehydration is also because of vomiting and diarrhea. So how do you prevent dog nausea?


dog-out-window-vomit-cbdHow to Prevent Dogs Nausea


To prevent nausea in dogs, it is advisable that you avoid feeding your dog immediately before travel. Travelling on road and by air causes anxiety in your dog which is a cause of dog vomiting. Secondly, it is important to also consider feeding your dog with just enough portions of food every day. Overfeeding your dog will lead to nausea.

It is also important to consider teaching your dog how to eat slowly to avoid nausea. This can be done by making sure the dog is given food routinely to avoid getting very hungry. Also, there are certain foods that will lead to your dog throwing up. All breeds are not the same so your dog may not like certain types of food.

Regular de-worming is also another important factor to consider when you want to stop dog throwing up. Remember the intestinal worms are often the common cause of throwing up and getting rid of them is a good start. When your dog shows symptoms of nausea, it is important to treat it immediately. So how do you treat dog throwing up?


dog throwing up

Treatment of Dog Throwing Up Using CBD Oil


Recent studies have shown that CBD oil can be used effectively against nausea. Even in human beings, this works very well. The effectiveness of the use of CBD oil with dog nausea can be explained through the ability of CBD to produce its anti-emetic or the anti-nausea effects. This is through indirectly activating the somatodendritic auto receptors.

Whenever your dog feeds, it will not feel the effects that lead to nausea. Based on these studies, the veterinarians have repeatedly administered CBD oil as a use for dog nausea. This is common when the dog experiences motion sickness from traveling or throwing up from being pregnant. Even when nausea is caused by eating toxins and drugs, veterinarians will give your pet CBD oil as a remedy for dog throwing up. There are many other holistic methods that can be used when treating nausea in dogs, but the use of CBD has proven to be the most effective.









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