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Natural Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs With Arthritis

Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs with Arthritis

Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs with Arthritis

When your dog was younger there wasn’t much that got in the way of their freedom and happiness. This stands to be true with younger puppies. The fact is the older they get the more care and attention their joints require to keep them moving fast and living freely.


Dogs sometimes develop inflammatory health conditions that need to be treated or avoided overall. Although it might be hard to diagnose the problem at its core, there are several signs to look for that can help indicate a condition before it get’s worst.


In this article, we want to provide the best natural anti-inflammatory remedies for your dog. If you are like us, then you believe that the health and comfort of your dog come first. Let’s look into the conditions and learn about them so we can decide what’s the best natural anti-inflammatory for dogs is.


What Is Arthritis?

These days arthritis has become a very common reality amongst older dogs. The short definition of arthritis is basically the ‘inflammation of joints’. Just like in older humans, older age dogs mostly suffer from this painful condition.


Although not as common, arthritis can be found in younger pets too.  Your pet can become unable to move, unmotivated and less willing to run and play. Regular everyday tasks such as climbing up the stairs or fetching a stick become more difficult to do. As soon as you see that there’s a problem with your dog’s mobility or motivation, you should take it to the vet as soon as possible to figure out why.


What causes arthritis in dogs?

The main cause of arthritis in dogs is an improper development of bones and joints. This is usually the result of a poor diet or malnutrition. Arthritis can affect a number of joints. Another main reason which causes arthritis is excessive rubbing within the joints over a long period of time. Joint instability is also another cause.


During the developmental stages, if any of the joints dislocate, it causes serious issues with inflammation later in your dog’s life. Other than this, abnormal cartilage development can also be a  contributing factor. If the growth of the cartilage increases, it can lead to arthritis. Other traumas like bone fractures can also be a cause.


joints effected by arthritis in dogsSigns of arthritis in dogs:

If you want to find out whether your dog is suffering from arthritis, here are the few things you need to look for. If your dog is obese or overweight, then there is more of a chance that your dog may develop arthritis.


Dogs are playful creatures. If you feel your dog is resting more often, less active, and shows difficulty getting around, then this can be a sign of arthritis.


Cures for arthritis in dogs:

Arthritis can never fully be cured but there are several treatment options that will help minimize the effects and limit the conditions associated with the disease. Focusing on your dog’s diet is the number one treatment and prevention method for arthritis. The condition gets worse in overweight and obese dogs so keeping them healthy and on a strict diet will be the first step to natural treatment.


How to treat your dog naturally?

We love your dog the same as you do. So if you think your dog is suffering from arthritis we recommend that you try these natural proven remedies first. We don’t recommend traditional NSAID pain relievers, antibiotics, injections, or other mainstream medical treatment.


Giving your dog healthy, natural diet:

A healthy diet is crucial to preventing arthritis and giving your dog a long and healthy life. Just like you, your dogs too need clean and fresh food to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


A proper diet reduces the chance of arthritis as much as 50% lengthens our dog’s overall life. In order to ensure a proper healthy diet you need to: exclude the processed foods containing wheat, spelt or soy.


Eliminate the drugs and toxins found in most mainstream pet food diets. Ex out those food additives and preservatives to the curb.


Say no to processed sugar, GMOs (genetically modified foods ), dairy and meat from stressed out caged factory based animals.


The best natural anti-inflammatory for dogs with arthritis is a natural diet. Natural diets containing a proper balance of beneficial fats, antioxidants, vitamins and other minerals will help contribute to your dog’s healthy arthritis free lifestyle.


Give your dog a diet with Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s Fats:

Dogs need good fats, not loads of it but an appropriate balance of fats will reduce the chances of arthritis and other similar inflammatory diseases from occurring. Flaxseeds, hempseed, walnuts, Brazil nuts, & sesame seeds are just a few natural sources of good fats.


Omega 3 and omega 6 fats are not only important for the cure of arthritis but can also prevent several other germs from attacking your dog. Good fats are at the top of the list as a good dog arthritis pain relief.


Antioxidants, necessary for natural arthritis treatment:

The main purpose of the antioxidants is to prevent the damage of cells caused by free radicals. Antioxidants have several health benefits that can help reduce; aging, skin allergies, eye problems, heart disease, chronic infections. Also, it helps to prevent cancer and arthritis too.


Giving your dog foods with high levels of antioxidants is appropriate to help prevent arthritis. Foods such as Red kidney beans, dried black beans, Apples, Broccoli, Cranberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and pecans are all rich in antioxidants. Holistapet CBD dog treats have tons of antioxidants in them which can help in curing inflammation in your dog. Antioxidants are the best natural anti-inflammatory agent for dogs.


turmeric - natural anti inflammatory for dogsTurmeric Root – a powerful anti-inflammatory:

Turmeric root is found very useful to aid the cure for numerous diseases. This natural herb is an antioxidant that reduces the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis in dogs.


Turmeric contains a lot of bioactive compounds which is why it has several medicinal properties. The main advantage of turmeric root is that it helps fight the foreign invaders and also helps in repairing damaged cells and tissues. It is a lot safer than most commercial remedies and has no side effects.


Boswellia - natural anti inflammatory for dogsBoswellia – another powerful anti-inflammatory:

Boswellia Errata is a gum resin that is extracted from a tree that goes back 1000’s of years ago. Referred to commonly as frankincense, it’s use of being an anti-inflammatory dated back to the ancient Egyptians. They would use it to treat wounds and also as an immune system booster.

Today it’s used the same way. Your pet can use it to decrease the pain and swelling caused by arthritis and increase it’s mobility and motion range. It can also help combat cancer by lowering cerebral edema levels caused by tumors in the brain. Boswellia has been used to replace the use of steroids since it has no adverse side effects. This is why Boswellia tops the list as the second natural anti-inflammatory for dogs.


CBD dog treats with inflammation support

Holistapet CBD Dog treats +Joint & Mobility Care:

Our CBD dog treats with joint & mobility care are one of the best natural treatments that we can offer to your pet. If your dog is seriously suffering from chronic or acute arthritis then these treats greatly reduce the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis.


Ingredients such as Turmeric & Boswellia have huge anti-inflammatory properties. These unique ingredients combined with other key superfoods like Hemp Seed Powder and Pure CBD Oil are vital for helping your dog maintain good joint cell structure and mobility. CBD is one of the many natural occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant with huge health benefits. It’s a proven anti-inflammatory, reducing pain and increasing mobility. Read more about how Holistapet works here.

We guarantee you that you will see a major difference in just 1-2 weeks after giving your dog the daily dose of CBD dog treats. Our CBD treats are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, grain free, no dairy, and contain no artificial colors or preservatives so, therefore, have no harmful effects. If you think your dog is suffering from arthritis please try some of our CBD treats and give us some feedback on the results.

The Holistapet Conclusion:

Pain and inflammation can limit your dog’s ability to live free and move around with ease. It can also be very painful and discomforting. Our CBD dog treats are full of omega 3’s and 6’s fats, antioxidants, turmeric & boswellia. They are the best addition to use when treating your dog’s pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Giving your dog natural treatment like proper diet and CBD dog treats will go a lot further than giving them traditional NSAID pain relievers, antibiotics, injections, or other mainstream medicines. So if you think your dog shows signs of being lazy and sleepy most of the time rather than being playful and active, then maybe it’s time to take your dog to a vet. Find out what the problem is and take care of it before it gets worst.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs with Arthritis
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