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Alfalfa, scientifically referred to as Medicago sativa, stands as a perennial flowering plant cherished for its role as a forage crop. Belonging to the legume family, Fabaceae, it serves as a primary feed source for diverse livestock, including horses and cattle. Alfalfa's reputation extends to its deep root system, contributing to soil fertility through nitrogen fixation.


Alfalfa plays a pivotal role in our CBD pellets for horses due to its robust nutritional profile and its favorable influence on equine well-being. Its high protein content and digestibility offer vital nutrients, while its palatability encourages horses to embrace our CBD products. By uniting the benefits of alfalfa with the potential therapeutic attributes of CBD, we aspire to provide a comprehensive and natural solution, supporting the overall vitality and well-being of horses.


Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) thrives as a widely cultivated forage crop, thriving in numerous regions globally, particularly in areas with favorable growth conditions.

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Alfalfa stands out for its remarkable protein and calcium content, offering distinct benefits to horses, particularly those with elevated energy demands. Growing foals, pregnant or lactating mares, and performance horses can leverage the rich nutritional profile of alfalfa to meet their dietary requirements more effectively. Alfalfa's exceptional digestibility ensures that horses receive essential nutrients with efficiency, a vital consideration for equines striving to maintain or gain weight.

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  • ✓ Bone Health
  • ✓ Protein Source
  • ✓ High Nutritional Value

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