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What is Lysine?

Lysine is an essential amino acid, a fundamental building block of proteins and a critical component in the nutrition of dogs, cats, and horses. It plays a vital role in various physiological functions, including protein synthesis, tissue repair, and immune support.

Why we would use it for pet products?

Lysine is invaluable in pet products due to its role in protein formation and immune system support. In dogs, cats, and horses, it assists in tissue repair, particularly in times of injury or stress. Pet supplements containing lysine can enhance overall health and well-being.

Where can Lysine be found in nature?

Lysine can be found in various natural food sources. In pet diets, it is commonly obtained through ingredients such as lean meats, fish, and poultry. These protein-rich elements provide the essential lysine levels required to maintain the health and vitality of dogs, cats, and horses.

Did You Know?

Lysine is not just crucial for pet nutrition; it has intriguing antiviral properties. In cats, lysine is often used to manage and prevent feline herpesvirus, a common respiratory ailment. This essential amino acid can help alleviate symptoms and reduce the severity of flare-ups.

This Ingredient Is Used In:

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  • βœ“ Immune Support
  • βœ“ Muscle Development
  • βœ“ Muscle Development

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