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Bundle & Save: 3 Large CBD Pet Tinctures (3 x 600mg)

$177.00 $159.30

5.0 (6 reviews)
  • 3 Bottles of CBD Pet Tincture 600mg ea.
  • Full spectrum CBD+ other Cannabinoids
  • Concentrated in a convenient dropper bottle
  • Easily drop directly into mouth or in water/food
  • Formulated for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Horses
  • 0% THC = Non Psychoactive = NO “High”
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Organic Superfoods +CBD
  • Non GMO, No Gluten, No Dairy
  • No Additives or Preservatives

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Holistapet CBD Pet Tinctures are formulated with pure Co2 extracted CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil to create a powerful concentration that can be easily administered for fast results. Apply drops directly into your pet’s mouth or drop on your pet’s favorite food or snack. Quick absorption into the body helps provide immediate relief.


  • Hempseed Oil – Boosts immune system. Promotes healthy skin and coat.
  • CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) – May help promote overall wellness.

Product Specs:

  • CBD Pet Tincture 600 MG for Large Pets  over 60 LBS – Bottle Size: 30ml / 1 oz. | Appx. 600 drops per bottle | 1 drop = 1 mg CBD

Dosing Recommendations

CBD dosage is dependent on body weight and the type of condition which you are using it for.
To view the recommended dosing for this product, visit our CBD Dosing Chart for Pets.

Lab Testing Results

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Additional information

Weight9 oz

6 reviews for Bundle & Save: 3 Large CBD Pet Tinctures (3 x 600mg)

  1. Paul Dempsey (verified owner)

    My Bernese Mountain Dog (Sugarbear) age 8 was recently diagnosed with an oral cancer. Sugarbears left side of her face was was swollen and eating was painful. The veterinarian was unable to excise the cancer as result of its placement in her mouth and it was extended into her upper jaw. She suggested I try CBD oil. I researched companies and decided on HolistaPet as my best choice. I was skeptical but desperate. After three weeks of treatment with only CBD oil Sugarbears face was no longer swollen, she was eating with a voracious appetite, she put back on 7 lbs. She was playing again like a pup. On her follow up visit the Veterinarian was amazed at how she was doing. The cancer in her mouth (unusual as it was a Mast Cell cancer) had reduced in size and appeared to be healingSugarbear went from comfort care measures to hopefully the vet estimated maybe 14 months or better. I’m a retired Nurse and a Servicei connected Navy Veteran. Sugarbear is my service dog. This extra time with her means the world to. I can’t recommend CBD oil enough. If you pet has cancer please give it a try. I can’t tell you how it will work for your pet but it was a miracle from mine. You nothing lose but the extra time it might give you with your pet.

  2. kmcelroy2 (verified owner)

    I adopted a 1 1/2 year old 150 lb. Anatolian Shepherd from a shelter, he was found with a chain around his neck wondering the streets. Over a weekend of thunder storms in the shelter he got out of his kennel, thru 3 locked doors and to a barred window and bent and broke a bar. He tore his paws up, broke a tooth etc. They were desperate to get rid of him or put him down. I took him home fixed his teeth and found out how crazy he is during storms. He is the worse case I have ever seen and my furniture and back can attest to it. I tried all the vet prescribed drugs and stopped them all, they not only didn’t work they made him worse. He lost his appetite, hid under trees in the back yard at night when he was let out to do his business, had terrible diarrhea and was miserable. I was at my wits end with him. I finally said enough of the vets and researched all natural products. This CBD oil along with melatonin at night and calming treats has done wonders for him. Right away he gained his appetite back and in just a few days he stopped hiding in the back at night, I no longer have to go out and drag him in. His personality is happy and playful. He tolerates noise much better, still need to work on the proper dose for those summer storms. All in all I will keep him on this mix of natural remedies and have a much happier dog and I am no longer having to consider putting him down. I love him dearly and I am grateful!!

  3. ajesensky (verified owner)

    My small lab mix (40 lbs) was diagnosed with hip dysplasia shortly after turning 1. She needs a total hip replacement, so I started her on CBD oil while we go through the process of required actions before having the surgery. She was quite the couch potato when we brought her home. I started her on the 600mg dose, and she moves more than ever! She’s always grabbing toys, wiggling, or trying to wrestle with her brother. He also gets his doses in or he is stiff and limping (early formation of arthritis). Holistapet offers such an amazing price and rewards program which is great incentive! This is my second 3-pack that I’ve purchased, and it’s not the last.

  4. ckirby718 (verified owner)

    My 3yr old lab Maddie suffers from seizures. Last year they became so severe that every 5to 7days she suffered multiple seizures, each lasting 3-5min and it took hours for her to recover. Nothing helped her and they were getting worse. A friend recommended CBD oil so I chose Holistapet because they have the better customer reviews, product quality and price. Now Maddie only suffers 1 or 2 seizures every 2 to 4weeks and the severity has drastically reduced and she recovers from them in minutes. I highly recommend CBD oil because I truly believe it saved my Maddie.

  5. chloeshermanpepe (verified owner)

    Linus seems to be doing great with this CBD tincture. He had surgery on his ACL two years ago and we have been trying to prevent his arthritis from getting the best of him at 10 years old weighing 85 lbs.

  6. mdlphn805

    I have been giving my 13 year old golden retriever the CBD oil for the past 2 months now and she is doing great. She was taking medication for her arthritis and had to be taken off of it due to causing liver damage. She is able to get up on her own and go up and down the stairs again. I highly recommend HolistaPet to all my four legged friend owners!

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