CBD Oil for Dogs

Strengths: 150mg
Flavor: Original
Pack Size: Single
$24.95 $18.71
Delivered Every 4 Weeks
Provide your pet with the care they truly deserve with our premium CBD, crafted from the finest natural sources. Delivered in a convenient dropper bottle, it ensures effortless and precise dosing, whether administered orally or mixed seamlessly with water or food.
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CBD Oil for Dogs brings relaxation and vitality with every drop, and is a remarkable addition to every dog's routine.




Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Stacey Panetta
Helps with anxiety! And maybe Dementia l, too!

My dog is started to exhibit signs of dementia and gets anxious/scared a lot— shaking and sometimes not know who I am :( Since I started giving her CBD oil, I see a massive improvement. Gone are (hopefully) the days that she doesn’t know who I am. I am seeing more tail wags since I started giving her this product. Highly recommend!

Linda Sigler
Miracle in a bottle

We adopted a dog with anxiety and this stuff really helps her take the edge off. She’s still got anxiety but at least now when we know there will be a stressful situation (guests coming over, etc.) we can give this to her and she’ll be able to relax.

Karen Dussack

If our Lucy is staying healthy on your oils/biscuits, it’s a win/win for us

Marie Smith
Love this for my 12 year old lab!

I have been giving my 12 year old lab CBD for the past 2 years and we love it. She has very bad hips and this helps her significantly.

erica harris
Products great service not so much

I have used cbd oil for a long g time for several dogs and it is a great product. I recently had an order get lost and it has taken a long time to get it reordered and now it is still not going to arrive for another week. I think I am 3 weeks in on a paid order. Not cool.


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HolistaPet CBD Oil For Dogs

HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs is formulated with pure CO2 extracted Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil to create a powerful concentration that can benefit your dog in many fantastic ways!

The best part of these CBD oil products is that you can easily administer them to your pets for fast, efficient results. Apply the CBD tincture drops directly into your pet’s mouth or add to their food or favorite snacks.

We have the best CBD oil for dogs because it is always 100% non-GMO and vegan for a clean final product. We believe that all pets deserve only the highest quality, healthiest ingredients in their CBD products so they can live a happy and strong life!

Stick with us as we guide you through how we make CBD products from hemp plants, the best dosing for your pet, broad vs. full spectrum CBD products, and more!

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Lab Tests

Trust the Facts: Our lab tests prove the quality of our CBD Oil for Dogs.

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What To Look For In CBD Tincture For Dogs

Nowadays, hundreds, if not thousands, of brands are selling CBD products for dogs.

But how many of these companies do you actually trust? Where you buy CBD oil for your pet can greatly determine the effectiveness and quality of the product!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Well we’ve got answers! We’ve been pros in the pet CBD community for a long time now, but what good’s all that knowledge and experience without someone to share it with? Below you’ll find expert advice for commonly asked questions.