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Dog Rope Toy

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+dental stick mint flavor
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Dog Rope Toy

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Broad Spectrum
  • Provides hours of fun from living rooms to rolling fields
  • Available in standard and small dog sizes
  • Unique, compact design makes for creative and versatile ways to play
  • Durable and made to last for years 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
• Small: Width 3/4″ – Adjustable Length: 7.9″ – 11.8″
• Medium: Width 3/4″ – Adjustable Length: 11.8″ – 15.75″
• Large: Width: 1″ – Adjustable Length: 15.75″ – 19.7″
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Frequently Bought Together:
+dental stick mint flavor
This item: Dog Toys Starting from $14.95 Starting from $14.95

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Product Description 

Our heart-shaped Dog Toy pulls at your heartstrings while playing tug of war with your best friend. Available in standard and small-dog sizes, they’re strong enough to wear you both out, but light enough for a fun game of fetch. Playing with your dog is one of life’s purest pleasures, and HolistaPet’s Dog Toy gets that tail wagging! Dogs love the tugging competition to unleash their inner wolf while chomping on the gentle rope. Afterward, your victorious canine will proudly parade around the room triumphantly claiming their hard-won prize.

Materials & Care


  • Made from natural pet-safe rubber
  • The high-quality, soft, and strong cotton twine is double-wrapped for a better grip
  • Cleanup is easy and safe using the dishwasher top rack


Product FAQs

  • Is HolistaPet’s Rope Toy safe for dogs?

We designed our Dog Toy with safety in mind. They’re made from natural rubber and cotton twine, which are both strong and pliable. We recommend discarding the toy if disassembled or if a potential choking hazard presents itself.


  • Does the Dog Toy work well for dogs of all sizes? 

Our Dog Toy comes in two sizes — standard and small — to accommodate our four-pawed pals. Offering a size for small dogs enhances their delight because it’s perfect for more petite mouths. On the other paw, our standard size gives the bigger boys and girls plenty of room to chew on.   


  • Is the Rope Toy Durable? 

Our sturdy Dog Toy is made for waging tug of war, playing fetch, and more for years to come. It may quickly become the favorite in your dog’s toy basket. Try one, and may the best dog win!

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