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Bella has been on her cbd oil since March. A hail mary because her lymphoma was progressing and she developed a form of skin cancer. To date the lesions are gone and she had been so much more comfortable. I can’t tell you how please I am with her results and from the love and support from your customer service. Your passion for your products and love of the families you help is outstanding. I strive to treat the people I help every day in that way and it is really a beautiful thing to know how it feels. Please never change. It is so hard to find places you return to because you feel cared about and love the product. Such a rare quality in companies. Be very proud of your products they are working miracles on Miss Bella. Be even more proud of the people that helps families like me.
My first purchase was made through Amazon. I must have talked to the gentleman that assisted 5-6 times that day. I wish I remember his name. He shared his love of our furry families and the deep sadness of loss. Rhianna My new “holistangel” has taken us to a new level of trust and faith. Because of Holistapet and all of the support received Bella made it to her 11th birthday on 4/10. A 3.25 year survivor. Now she is going to make it to
my birthday in July.
Peace, love and paw prints, ~~~Bella the Shepard mix and her Mom Laura


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