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My Howie (15 in Nov!), started his 600 strength CBD Oil this last Monday, (he is a corgi catahoula mix with 4” legs but weighs 70 lbs) so we are 4 days in. I am giving him 1 full dose (30 drops) mid afternoon, then another 1/2 dose (15-20 drops), sometime in the evening and sometimes even another 1/2 dose 4am or so. *our sleep schedule is turned around;we go to sleep 6-8-10am and get up around noon or latest, 1:30pm, so our dosing is off and I am working on getting this adjusted. He seems to be responding well to it after months and months back and forth to the vet for what started as a severe upper respiratory and a mystery disease that we cannot ID. I suspect allergies and an exposure to an irritant | contaminate I cannot find-he is a sniffer. He turns 15 in November, I adopted him 8 1/2 with open wounds from allergies but then he never presented again until this last year. He has the typically oldie dog crunchiest but what ever he was exposed to, has made him hella sick, [bacteria AND fungus] with round after round of antibiotics and last round was coupled with anti fungals-which, we will never do again, ever-not worth the adverse affects on his old body. So I was desperately looking for something that would help him calm his entire system. Today, Howie hopped | sprung off our bed, onto his fancy platform I made him, to the floor super agile and fluidly! *last couple months, he inches to edge and swings his body down onto it. We walk twice a day most days and pretty far for an old wolf boy and I had no pain meds to give him for later when it caught up to him BUT this dose and quality CBD OIL seems to be helping. Typically, Howie starts the walks strong, then slows and makes several stops along the way to ‘smell the air’ but I am looking forward to seeing the longer term effects of your product that will give him some pain control at the end of our day-if I let him, he would go on 5 long walks a day-he always wants to walk far but coming back is tricky. We are ordering more so we are stocked up-the 3 pack bundle is great because he is going through a bottle pretty quick with 60 drops a day and I suspect we will go a tiny higher as we finally hit the cold in Texas. So, I am super happy about the bundles you offer and like I said, really looking forward to the long term effects of this product. I will be getting another round of blood work and x rays to keep trying to narrow down what exactly is going on with him but meanwhile, having this CBD OIL daily, is helping him just be an oldie dog with some pep in his step and not so much a sick oldie dog! 🐾

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