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I took my dog to the vet because she was developing this rash on her front legs from scratching and biting herself and it was getting bad. The vet said that it was an allergic reaction but didn’t know from what exactly. She said that it could have been from the food that we were feeding her most likely but also could have been from dust, pollen, smoke, grass, or anything in her immediate environment can cause the reaction. The vet suggested that we do a method that was like a process of illumination with her food and then her surroundings in order to find out what was causing the allergic reaction. I thought to myself.. This can take a long time to figure this out.. So I looked for a shortcut and found online that CBD can help. I bought some of your CBD pet capsules and have been giving them to her for over a month now. The skin has healed and my poor baby isn’t itching constantly anymore. I’m sure that it was the CBD. Thank you so much for this amazing product!

Dog Scratching Cbd Capsules
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