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My 3 kitties really enjoyed these treats. They would’ve finished off the bag if I let them! I gave 2 treats each to my 12 and 13 pound kitties, and 1 to my 6 pound kitty. They were acting regular for about an hour, and then they all got very vocal and were demanding food! I know there is no high with cbd, but its like my kitties got a serious case of the munchies! After they were fed, they all went into seperate rooms and slept on the beds for a few hours. My kitties are all seniors and Im looking forward to seeing how cbd improves their mobility….it definately sparked their appitite! I will be buying more of these treats in the future. Customer Service is excellent… I had a hard time leaving a review from my phone and Regina S. from the chat helped me figure out that the best way to leave a review is from my PC. Great company, Great products! The only issue I had was shipping time, I ordered on Jan 3 and it didn’t arrive until Jan 17; However, shipping is free, so I don’t have much room to complain. I would just recommend upgrading your shipping if you want to avoid any possible shipping delay. Thanks Holistapet! I shall return!

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