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Nina has always been energetic and playful throughout her 11 years of existence. She loves to run circles in the backyard, chase lizards and squirrels. When she was 8 she got in another fight with another dog in front of our house. She was traumatized for life and had to have surgery on her back left ACL. Even though she healed ok, she was never quite the same. Nina would always have mobility issues was not be able to run the same like she did before. She seemed mad at the world and wouldn’t get up off of her bed much. Then we started treating her with Holistapet – Joint and Inflammation support  .

At first it didn’t seam like it was doing anything to her but then after just a few weeks she was up and running again. She started being mobile again like she was before the accident. The swelling went down and she was less concerned of her ACL. She was happy again and everyone in the family saw it. I can definitely speak for myself when saying that Holistapet worked on my dog’s knee and it will work for you too I’m sure. It definitely helps joint problems from surgery, swelling and inflammation so try it out for a few weeks and see the difference it makes. Thank you for reading my story 🙂


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