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I am so grateful I found these treats for my cat. I adopted a 1 yr old female domestic shorthair. She has a number of health issues including irritable bowel, teeth and gum issues and ear fungus due to the fact that she lost half her ear before I adopted her and it’s all crumpled up. I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars in vet bills trying to help the sweet little girl and she’d feel better for a while and then start howling out in pain. I heard about CBD and the only place I found with treats was here! I received them quickly. She loves them. I give her one am and pm. The very first day I started her on them, her howling literally stopped! She was so much more comfortable and relaxed and as always, very affectionate but not so clingy. Of course she still needs to see a vet for her teeth, etc. But, to me, the most important thing was that she not be in pain. And, she is not. I’m thrilled and am now on auto delivery. I will never run out of these!

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