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Our 12 year old miniature schnauzer was diagnosed with oral melanoma in February and had a huge tumor removed from his gum.  Our vet and the oncologist both told us because it was the most aggressive form of cancer and could not be cured, our dog had about 60 days or less to live.  They said to watch for signs of tumor regrowth, swollen lymph nodes and lung dysfunction.  Of course we were devastated.  After research on CBD oil and your company, we started giving him 150mg of the oil 2x day.   Because the cancer was so aggressive, we gave him the max amount (18 drops 2x).  After contacting you, we went up to 300mg (10 drops) 2x day because he was on the low end of the weight chart of the 300mg dose.  Needless to say, he is still alive and kicking today!

I took him to the vet today and they were astonished! The vet and staff at the large clinic couldn’t believe the affects CBD oil had on our dog.  Everyone was poking, prodding, manipulating joints and all hands on deck in his mouth!  They said they’ve never seen anything like it in their years of practice.  They didn’t expect him to live through April.  There is no tumor growth, no cancerous tissue that they can see, lymph nodes are perfectly normal, lungs and heart are strong and he has better range of motion in his arthritic legs and hips than he did before.  We know there aren’t claims of curing cancer with your product, but it obviously stunted it’s growth and there are no visible signs of cancer tissue anywhere in his mouth.  Our vet got very emotional and was overwhelmed during his check-up.
Thank you for being in the business of loving animals and knowing just what they need.

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