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Our St. Bernard Daisy had a head injury as a baby right before we adopted her. We adopted her anyway and long story short she ended up having brain surgery. A few months later the seizures started and just kept getting worse and more frequently. When we decided to start with CBD capsules she was taking 34 pills a day (Zonisamide, levetiracetam , and phenobarbital.) She went from the happiest dog to a zombie, and in the last 3 weeks she’s had to be force fed. Of course NO vet wants to even talk about CBD, so we took matters into our own hands. She has now been taking 300mg CBD 3x/day for the last 3 weeks…in that time we have slowly weaned her down to half the amount of Zonisamide (which was 1000mg 2x/day, stayed the same on levetiracetam, and as of tonight will be down to 1/2 a tab of of Phenobarbital 2x/day from 3 tabs 2x/day. Not only have we seen some improvement in her energy level, she’s not stumbling and falling all over the place. Her appetite is slowly improving, she still has to be force fed, but at least is eating about 10-15 healthy dog treats a day on her own…the best news is that she has not had one seizure in just under 3 weeks! I can’t scientifically prove this is the reason but I firmly believe it’s because of the CBD . I was ready to euthanize her but we now have hope that we will have the joy of having Daisy around for many years! I’ve worked in healthcare for 30 years now and can’t tell you the number of human patients that swear by CBD and all those people cannot be wrong. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!

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