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Cancer & Tumors

Cancer is the leading cause of death among dogs and cats in America. That’s why it’s so important to recognize signs early and start treatment before it’s too late. Cancer is ever so common, especially for our older pets. It has been said that as much as 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop some kind of cancer. The good news is that cancer is treatable if caught early. Recognize the most common symptoms, causes, and available treatment options for cancer in dogs and other pets in our Full Guide to Cancer & Tumors


Joints & Mobility

Joint and Mobility conditions arise from many different causes and can worsen over time. Some of the conditions associated with joint and mobility problems are Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, limping, or trouble walking with the back legs. These conditions can affect the pet’s ability to thrive and can dampen your pet’s spirit. Read our Full Guide on Joint & Mobility Care For Pets and learn how to recognize the most common symptoms, causes and treatments available for Joint conditions.


Seizures & Epilepsy

Seizures occur randomly and can be very heartbreaking for anyone to witness. Epilepsy is a lifelong disease that causes pets to have recurring seizures sometimes referred to as “convulsions” or “fits.” These random episodes are usually short term but once it starts it can feel like an eternity. This condition usually requires a great deal of attention, care, and high levels of treatment. If your pet is experiencing seizures then you must educate yourself about the available treatments so you can help preserve your pet’s quality of life and minimize whatever is triggering these episodes. Learn more in our Pet Seizures & Epilepsy – Full Guide for Dogs & Cats.


Stress & Anxiety

Dogs are usually fun, lovable, and obedient when you’re around but when left alone even for a short period of time, they can develop Separation Anxiety. Other common forms of Canine anxiety are Travel Anxiety, Noise Anxiety, and Social Anxiety. It’s important to recognize the source of stress and anxiety before treatment. Learn how to treat with your pet’s conditions using only natural, holistic remedies in our Full Guide to Stress & Anxiety.


Nausea & Digestive Issues

Nausea & Digestive conditions usually stem from something as simple as poor diet or anxiety, but sometimes the cause might be something more serious and lead to illness or disease. Our Full Guide to Dog Nausea & Digestive Issues goes over the different types of digestive problems and the best treatment solutions. Properly diagnosing and treating dog nausea posts a huge challenge for pet owners alike. A proper diet and good nutrition can go a long way with your pet when dealing with any digestive & nausea condition.


Aging & Wellness

With old age comes a list of health conditions to take notice of and be prepared for. Bigger breed dogs will age at a faster rate than smaller breed dogs. Symptoms that your dog is getting old include vision loss, clouded eyes, increased urination, bad breath, bloody gums, lumps bumps & skin problems, sudden weight fluctuation, mobility issues, behavior problems, and non-responsiveness. Make sure that your dog gets the proper attention and care that it deserves to live its last years happy and healthy. Read our Full Guide on Aging & Wellness Care For Pets.


Pain & Inflammation

It’s hard to watch your pet experience chronic pain. Many health conditions can contribute to pain and inflammation but it’s difficult to really diagnose without looking into the root of the problem first. Pain and inflammation can be caused by a wide range of problems, from arthritis to a thorn stuck in their paw to pancreatitis. It may not be concerning at first glance and is often overlooked until it becomes a bigger problem. That’s why it’s important to look out for any pain and treat the condition before it gets worst. Read more on our detailed Full Guide to Pain & Inflammation In Pets.


Skin & Allergies

Allergies and Skin conditions affect lots of pets. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the root of your pet’s allergy problem because you can’t see. Let’s go over some of the symptoms of your pet’s allergies so we can properly find the cause and rid the problem and treat your pet. Whether your pet’s allergies are in the form of itchy skin, or digestive problems like diarrhea, allergy symptoms can be miserable for both you and your pet. Learn what are the common symptoms, causes, and natural treatments available in our Full Guide to Pet Skin & Allergy Conditions.

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